Kate Phillips

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Kate Phillips is an actor and executive.


Year Production Role
2020 Jack Whitehall's Sporting Nation Brand New Commissioner
2020 Jack Whitehall's Father's Day Commissioner
2020 Michael McIntyre's Big Show - Michael McIntyre's Big Laughs Commissioner
2020 Comedians: Home Alone Commissioner
2020 I'll Get This - Series 2 Commissioner
2020 First & Last Commissioner
2020 Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration Commissioner
2019 Hugh Grant: A Life On Screen Commissioner
2019 BBC iPlayer - Wasted on Some Uptight Brummie
2019 The Ranganation - Series 1 Commissioner
2019 The Mash Report - Series 3 Commissioner
2019 Dame Edna Rules The Waves Commissioner
2018 I'll Get This - Series 1 Commissioner
2018 For Facts Sake Commissioner
2018 All Round To Mrs. Brown's - Series 2 Commissioner
2018 The Generation Game Commissioner
2018 Ready Or Not Commissioner
2018 Michael Palin: A Life On Screen Executive Producer
2018 Michael Palin: A Life On Screen Commissioning Editor
2018 The Mash Report - Series 2 Commissioner
2017 All Round To Mrs. Brown's - Series 1 Commissioner
2017 The Mash Report - Series 1 Commissioner

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