Christopher MacArthur-Boyd.

Christopher MacArthur-Boyd

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Christopher MacArthur-Boyd is a Scottish actor, writer and stand-up comedian.



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Year Production Role
2020 Vault Festival (London) Self
2019 Breaking The News - Series 13
  1. E9 - Episode Nine
2019 Comedy Gala 2019: In Aid of Waverley Care Self
2019 Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Dreamboat Self
2019 ...At The Stand - Fred At The Stand 2
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2019 Up For It Host / Presenter
2018 Whiplashed Team Captain
2018 Skip Munro's Survival Tips Skip Munro
2018 Short Stuff
  1. E2 - Episode Two
Ensemble Actor
2018 Liam Withnail & Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Cool Jokes & Hot Takes Self
2018 Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Home Sweet Home Self
2017 Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: The Boyd With the Thorn in His Side Self
2017 The worst things about gigs Host / Presenter
2017 The worst things about gigs Writer
2016 Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Rosco Mclelland Self
2015 Fresh Blood Self

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