Scotland Made Me.... Chris Forbes
Growing Up Scottish

Growing Up Scottish

  • TV comedy
  • BBC Scotland
  • 2021 - 2022
  • 9 episodes (2 series)

A comic look at life in Scotland and how growing up north of the border shaped an array of comic and TV talent. Stars Chris Forbes, Fern Brady, Des Clarke, Janey Godley, Ashley Storrie and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3 - A Family & Watch

The comedians remember Scottish family life, and trips to the movies.

Further details

Wendy Wason, Chris MacArthur-Boyd, Jamie McDonald, Ashley Storrie and Janey Godley, amongst others, remember Scottish family life. Whilst Chris MacArthur-Boyd, Bruce Fummey, Des Clarke, Amy Irons and TJ Singh, amongst others, remember trips to the movies.

Sharing the rituals of dinner time, sibling rivalries, family phrases and how to pass the time indoors... when the rain won't stop! The unique phenomenon of taking a telling off is explored; asking whether to accept it and if getting sent to your room was really as bad as it seemed.

Plus, sharing memories of their favourite films, our biggest stars and Hollywood's take on Scotland. Who does the worst Scottish accents and have we actually no-one to blame but ourselves? And don't miss the indispensable guide for how NOT to behave in a Scottish cinema.

Broadcast details

Thursday 20th May 2021
BBC Scotland
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 21st May 2021 11:00pm BBC Scotland
Monday 2nd August 2021 11:15pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 4th September 2021 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 15th August 2022 11:15pm
15 minute version
BBC Scotland
Wednesday 24th August 2022 11:00pm BBC Scotland
Sunday 13th November 2022 10:45pm
15 minute version
BBC Scotland
Sunday 27th November 2022 10:45pm
15 minute version
BBC Scotland
Friday 31st March 2023 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 3rd April 2023 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Tuesday 18th July 2023 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Thursday 7th March 2024 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 11th March 2024 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 27th April 2024 10:00pm
15 minute version
BBC Scotland

Cast & crew

Chris Forbes Self
Des Clarke Self
Janey Godley Self
Ashley Storrie Self
Fred MacAulay Self
Leo Kearse Self
Wendy Wason Self
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd (as Chris MacArthur-Boyd) Self
Ray Bradshaw Self
Jamie MacDonald Self
Jojo Sutherland Self
Judith Ralston Self
TJ Singh Self
Amy Irons Self
Graeme Stevely (as Grado) Self
Zara Janjua Self
Production team
Stuart Locke Executive Producer
Gavin Smith Executive Producer
Fiona Gallie Archive Producer
Evan Crichton Editor
Ian Browne Editor
Rick Walker Director of Photography

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