Leo Kearse.

Leo Kearse

Leo Kearse is a Scottish actor and stand-up comedian, who lives in London.



  • Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award 2018 - Main Award: Runner-up
  • UK Pun Championships 2016 - UK Pun Champion: Last eight
  • UK Pun Championships 2015 - UK Pun Champion: Winner
  • UK Pun Championships 2014 - UK Pun Champion: Last eight


Year Production Role
2021 Cambridge Comedy Festival Self
2021 Oban Comedy Festival Self
2021 I Love Wetherspoons Self
2021 Scotland Made Me... Self
2020 Leo Kearse - Right Wing Comedian Guest
2019 Dominic Frisby: Two Black Eyes Leaver
2019 Leo Kearse: Transgressive Self
2018 Comedian Rap Battles
  1. E1 - Rob Mulholland vs Leo Kearse
2018 Hate 'n' Live Self
2018 Leo Kearse: Right Wing Comedian Self
2017 Hate 'n' Live Self
2017 I Can Make You Tory Self
2017 AAA Stand-Up Late Self
2017 Off The Mic - Series 1
  1. E4 - Episode Four
2016 Pun-Man Two: Girls Just Wanna Hear Puns Self
2016 Hate 'n' Live Self
2015 Pun-Man's Pun Party Self
2015 Hate 'N' Live Self
2014 The Mangina Funalogs Self
2014 Hate 'n' Live Self
2014 Atella the Pun Self
2013 Cougar Pammy And Her Puppies (Toyboys) Self
2013 Kearse and Marrese: Raw and Uncut Self
2013 Atella the Pun Self
2012 Leo And Stephen Go Down On You! Self

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