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Comedy Unleashed On Tour!

Comedy Unleashed
  • 16th Sep 2022 - 19th Nov 2022

From Glasgow, in the north, to Brighton, in the south, Sheffield, in the east, to Bath, in the west, the tour takes in fifteen venues, with a different line-up in each town. What binds these performers together is their spirit of exploration and their determination to eschew all things predictable. They do not simply follow the news agenda and add a few punchlines, nor do they kowtow to the censorial element that has overrun comtemporary comedy. With these comedians, no subject is off limits. If something is funny... its funny. So, with two fingers firmly stuck up to those who wish to silence others, Comedy Unleashed has no fear of of exploring prejudices, contrarian views and hidden thoughts, and here they are on a mission to spread their comedy across the land.

It is a place for the intellectually curious and the open-minded among us, a place for freedom of expression and most of all a place for laughter.

The line ups include the searingly honest Reginald D Hunter, the incisive and refreshing Geoff Norcott, intersectional activist Titania McGrath, one of the UK's foremost political satirists. Andrew Doyle, the dark dry and hilarious Tania Edwards, raw and bold anti woke comedian Leo Kearse, Somalian born storyteller Prince Abdi, off beat Canadian surrealist Tony Law, San Franciscan provocateur Scott Capurro and many more.


Alice Marshall Titania McGrath
Pete Cunningham Frank Sanzai
Geoff Norcott Self
Leo Kearse Self
Tania Edwards Self
Reginald D Hunter Self
Andrew Doyle Self
Chris McGlade Self
Tony Law Self
Scott Capurro Self
Preet Singh Self
Lewis Schaffer Self
Mary Bourke Self
Prince Abdi Self
Nick Dixon Self
Nicholas De Santo Self
Carey Marx Self
Sarah Callaghan Self
Mark Dolan Self
Steve Jameson Self
Wilson Self
Mark Meechan Self
Jonathan Kogan Self
Eddy Brimson Self
Dominic Frisby Self
Stephen Grant Self
Darius Davies Self
Josh Howie Self

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