Things that piss you off

  1. Tourists
  2. Tourists
  3. Tourists
  4. Tourists
  5. Tourists
  6. Tourists
  7. Tourists
  8. Tourists
  9. Tourists
  10. Tourists

Thanks. :)

Things which annoy me:
The fact that I have my first exams in about two weeks
The fact that everyone expects me to do amazingly
The fact that neither of the above would be a problem if I actually thought I was capable of doing well
The fact that people seem to love to play with my obviously worthless emotions
and lastly...tourists... :D some japanese & chinese teachers came to our school the other month, and as terribly stereotyped as it is, all they did was take photos of the stuff there. True story, really not being evil about people

Peeps who dont say thankyou.
Peeps who smell.
Peeps who tell you what happens in a movie when you have just started to watch it.
Religious nuts who ram there beliefs down your throat.
Men, when you ask them something and they start off their retort with Errrrrrrrrrrm.

oh I hate the "errrrrrmmmm" or "well, y'know..." I quite obviously don't or I wouldnt have asked >_<

Charley rance... only kidding, i love you really.
anyway it has to be
people who ride skateboards
weymouth fans
eastleigh fans

BUT MOST OF ALL people that say their dog is friendly and harmless even though it is chewing your hand off. I HATE THOSE BASTARDS.

a shorter list would be things that please me, I was accused by the doctor of having a high blood pressure and a bad attitude... thats bollocks though aint it

Quote: lewisroberts @ April 21, 2007, 9:59 PM

people who ride skateboards

Why, praytell?


hehe touche

Very witty indeed. :P

Oh! I *also* hate the fact that the Daleks keep coming back so frequently in Doctor Who.

Wow I hate a lot tonight!

actually i don't hate the people that ride them just the things, i guess that when i was growing up and everyone was riding them and "popping" new tricks i was still the one with the bright coloured helmet and knee pads. Do you not find that there is something loveble about the daleks though?

I never made it onto a skateboard...but my brother never learnt to skateboard or ride a bike...he's quite comedic when he sits on a skateboard to go down a hill on it though...he made my dad scrape his knuckles doing that...another thing I hate-papercuts...dunno where that came from though

The Land of the Papercuts, perhaps?

hehe I think that's what my English class should be called-everyone just chucks paper aeroplanes at everyone else, then steals my work to copy. yeah Im gonna be conceited in that aspect-I hate that too :D

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