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As much as I agree with you Aaron, **see earlier posts. Two Pints is shit ;) :P

That doesn't make sense, am i ignorant to the fact or ignorant to the possibility?

Anyway my point is that Doctor Who has alot of positive discrimination in its roles which is retarded unless they are conscious of the fact that they are subconsciously racist. Which is what they accused Primeval of being.

It's a fact that there were black people during and before Shakespeare's time. I don't understand, how you don't understand that?

I don't watch Dr. Who, because is it not to my taste ;). So I can't comment.

Hey... where's the bitching? I want to join in... :-)

Its the way you phrased it, using the word whether.

Anyways I was being flippant, my point is in my previous post. Dr Who is over compensating. What I should have said is

Things I hate-Positive discrimination.

Things I hate-People who react to buzz words, like black, and believe that their opinion is superior because its liberal and forward minded but don't actually address the point made. Then they imply that you are racist and believe they have won an argument. I think smug minded liberals are the new Spanish Inquisition.

I think people hate Two Pints for 2 reasons.
1. Its a BBC program so we've paid for it
2. Its repeated all the time, if it was never made then BBC Three would have to come up with alternative programming or repeat far superior programs like Monkey Dust. It's always repeated for the post pub crowd so the target audience are drunk arseholes, that should be Channel 5's demographic not the BBC's

I never used the word racist. I never implied racism.

But I don't want to fight, I just want to share my hate of Two Pints and my love of comedy. :P


Quote: ajp29 @ April 27, 2007, 4:02 PM

It's always repeated for the post pub crowd so the target audience are drunk arseholes, that should be Channel 5's demographic not the BBC's

I agreed ajp about the positive discrim in Dr Who. (I think their probably were black people in Shaky's time but most were in Africa).

If he hadn't mentioned about no black people in Primeval no-one would've noticed or cared.

Incidentally are their any gay daleks in Dr Who? If not I think it's disgusting.

*Jarring chord* Nobody expects the smug minded liberals!

Our chief weapons are...etc etc

Just go out and do it again.

cliches piss me off I avoid them like the plague

Well I am English and that pisses me off all the time

There were black people in England well before Shakespeare's time, but it's understandable that everyone doesn't know that as it doesn't seem to be that widely known.

P.S. All the daleks are gay. Duh.

what irks me is: people thinking I'm a boy 'cause I have a boy in my avatar.
I am not a man in a cowboy hat! godammit!

Although, I do have a cowboy hat.

hehe if you were Julian Barrat then that wouldnt piss me off!
and well said- the daleks are gay

In a nice way!