Things that piss you off Page 2

TV Advert Clips shows, there's one on E4 now.

I don't mind those so much. But can I add something else to my list?


Bear Grylls.

Jelly Babies. It encourages canabalism.
Tarts. Too much sticky stuff and not enough pastry.(yep you so thought i meant something else)
Mushy peas. You need a spoon.

Ow how did i forget france, i'll keep chavs and vandals and weymouth fans as long as we don't have much to do with france.

There's nothing wrong with France, I'm sure you all mean the French.

Very naughty guys. We have a French member you know. How wude. Be nice.

How about smarmy people. Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate them soooooooo much. Yukety yuk

Female comediennes. :P

LOL... Now I know you dont mean that hun. You lurrrrrrrve us all.


Quote: Leevil @ April 21, 2007, 10:38 PM

There's nothing wrong with France, I'm sure you all mean the French.

And a lot of their architecture. And their food. And their weather. And clothes.

(So a lot easier to say France.)

people talking about disgusting things { like some taking a shit] while im trying to eat.

Reality TV (Especially comedians who do it)
Richard Leaf (I'm just jealous that he's married to Tamsin Greig)
Most modern comedy ("Fear, Stress and Anger", "Roman's Empire" etc.)
Comedians who tell racist jokes (Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson, Roy "Chubby" Brown.)
My current workload for my university.
The fact I hardly ever get the breaks in comedy.

restaurant toilets which don't provide soap

people who try to rip you off by quoting prices way above the going rate

bad food in restaurants

toast which isn't (Cambodia is the worst place for this)

cats who come into our garden and crap on the verandah

People who every few minutes, ask what's happening in Doctor Who when i don't know myself because it's a new bloody episode.