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November 2006
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Hello there, i am a stand-up comedy fanatic and have been writing as long as i remember, (thats nothing to boast about i can't remember what i ate last night), i was rumoured to write in the womb, (i think it was my mums womb, otherwise we have problems), my influences include: Robin Williams, Lee Evans, Patrice o'neal, Dara o'brian and Tim Allen, my favorite sitcoms are Early doors, men behaving badly and home improvement. My siganatures on the site are parts of my stand up so you know what i'm made of, i change them every couple of weeks, other hobbies include following my football team, who play in the conference, home and away, also i like club music and kebabs, i have been described as quick witted and a cronic bout of verbal diarrhoea, "or was that just diarrhoea"? i have a habit of embarasing myself in public, i am physically fit,,,ow who am i kidding i'm a fat bastard(although i prefer to be called "mildly plump"). I look forward to chatting.