Episode 2.2 - Stay At Home Losers

Laura is attempting to widen her circle of friends, but she finds it hard to find a peer group. Meanwhile, Beth is confused when she falls for a boy seemingly her opposite, and Alan and Keith strike up an unlikely friendship.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Laura is attempting to widen her circle of friends, but she finds it hard to find a peer group - the pramface mums in the park are more interested in nicking her phone, and the competitive yummy mummies just want to patronise and score points off her.

Beth is confused when she finds herself attracted to a posh boy with views politically opposed to her own. In the absence of real girl friends, she is forced to turn to Jamie and Mike for guidance.

Meanwhile, a lonely Alan employs Keith, to be his driver. After a shaky start, the two strike up an unlikely friendship. But it's not long before this is tested as Alan's snooker skills land them in the middle of a pub brawl.

First Broadcast Details

Tue 15th January 2013
BBC Three
0.55 million viewers (2.7% audience share)
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Tue 18th Jun 2013 (1:30am, BBC3)
  • Sat 22nd Jun 2013 (2:15am, BBC3)
  • Fri 26th Jul 2013 (11:05pm, BBC1)
  • Mon 3rd Feb 2014 (3:00am, BBC3)

Episode 2.2 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Sean Michael Verey ... Jamie Prince
Scarlett Alice Johnson ... Laura Derbyshire
Dylan Edwards ... Mike Fenton
Yasmin Paige ... Beth Mitchell
Angus Deayton ... Alan Derbyshire
Ben Crompton ... Keith Prince
Bronagh Gallagher ... Sandra Prince
Guest Cast
Zara White ... Jo (Chav Mum)
Sarah Hoare ... Keeley (Chav Mum)
Nicholas Banks ... Jolyon (Posh Bloke Beth Fancies)
Nathalie Cox ... Cally (Posh Mum)
Laura Aikman ... Jenny (Posh Mum)
Juliet Cowan ... Liz (Stressed Mum)
Leo Horsfield ... Ryan (Pool Player)
Anthony Strachan
(as Antony Strachan)
... Dave (Pool Player)
Writing Team
Chris Reddy ... Writer
Production Team
Misha Manson-Smith ... Director
Catherine Gosling Fuller ... Producer
Mark Freeland ... Exec Producer
Lucy Robinson (II) ... Exec Producer
James Lapsley ... Production Design
Daniel Pemberton ... Composer
Pete Drinkwater ... Editor

Video Clips From This Episode

Laura and the Yummy Mummies

Laura has made some new 'yummy mummy' friends who want to know all about Emily's daddy over coffee...

Featuring: Scarlett Alice Johnson (Laura Derbyshire), Nathalie Cox (Cally), Laura Aikman (Jenny), Juliet Cowan (Liz).

Girls Chat

Beth is having boy trouble and turns to Jamie and Mike for relationship advice.

Featuring: Sean Michael Verey (Jamie Prince), Yasmin Paige (Beth Mitchell), Dylan Edwards (Mike Fenton).

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