The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud
The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud

The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud

  • TV sitcom
  • CITV
  • 2019 - 2023
  • 104 episodes (3 series)

Animated sitcom for CITV about a boy who is a magnet for disaster. Stars Johnny Vegas, Arthur Smith, Philip Glenister, Jane Horrocks, Lisa Hammond and more.

  • This series will continue at a later date

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Series 2, Episode 20 - Krustee Sloth

Anna and Dave are building a toy sloth from the parts given away free with every Bran Cran Krustee cereal box - when finally complete, their toy ends up bigger than Grimsby Heights, and Dave and Anna must find a way to keep it under control.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 8th September 2021
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 27th September 2021 5:15pm CITV
Sunday 3rd October 2021 8:40am ITV1
Sunday 10th October 2021 10:40am CITV
Tuesday 26th October 2021 10:15am CITV
Tuesday 16th November 2021 5:15pm CITV
Tuesday 16th November 2021 7:35pm CITV
Wednesday 17th November 2021 7:05am CITV
Thursday 25th November 2021 10:10am CITV
Friday 24th December 2021 7:30pm CITV
Sunday 26th December 2021 6:10am ITV1
Wednesday 5th January 2022 4:45pm CITV
Friday 21st January 2022 7:10am CITV
Sunday 6th February 2022 10:40am CITV
Sunday 6th February 2022 7:00pm CITV
Wednesday 9th February 2022 10:45am CITV
Wednesday 9th February 2022 5:15pm CITV
Wednesday 9th March 2022 10:30am CITV
Saturday 26th March 2022 6:25am ITV1
Wednesday 30th March 2022 5:45pm CITV
Sunday 3rd April 2022 8:45am ITV1
Monday 2nd May 2022 5:15pm CITV
Monday 9th May 2022 10:45am CITV
Sunday 15th May 2022 10:25am CITV
Sunday 15th May 2022 6:45pm CITV
Tuesday 21st June 2022 10:45am CITV
Friday 24th June 2022 5:15pm CITV
Saturday 25th June 2022 6:20am ITV1
Friday 5th August 2022 7:40am CITV
Wednesday 10th August 2022 5:45pm CITV
Sunday 14th August 2022 3:30pm CITV
Saturday 20th August 2022 10:30am CITV
Saturday 24th September 2022 6:20am ITV1
Tuesday 4th October 2022 5:15pm CITV
Wednesday 5th October 2022 8:00am CITV
Wednesday 5th October 2022 2:00pm CITV
Tuesday 29th November 2022 7:45am CITV
Thursday 12th January 2023 11:30am CITV
Tuesday 24th January 2023 5:15pm CITV
Wednesday 25th January 2023 7:45am CITV
Wednesday 15th February 2023 11:15am CITV
Saturday 4th March 2023 3:30pm CITV
Friday 24th March 2023 5:45pm CITV
Monday 27th March 2023 8:15am CITV
Wednesday 3rd May 2023 6:45am CITV
Tuesday 27th June 2023 6:45am CITV
Sunday 2nd July 2023 2:15pm CITV
Friday 28th July 2023 6:45am CITV
Friday 28th July 2023 5:00pm CITV

Cast & crew

Johnny Vegas Dave Spud (Voice)
Arthur Smith George Spud (Voice)
Philip Glenister Betty Spud (Voice)
Jane Horrocks Gran (Voice)
Lisa Hammond Anna Spud (Voice)
Gina Yashere Gareth the Starfish (Voice)
Akiya Henry Various (Voice)
Adam Gillen Various (Voice)
David Holt Various (Voice)
Roger Griffiths Various (Voice)
Dave Peacock Various (Voice)
Ed Foster (as Edward Foster) Various (Voice)
Writing team
Vicky Godding Script Editor
Jess Kedward Writer
Kirsty Peart Writer
Production team
Ed Foster Director
Zoran Jankovic Animation Director
Iain Harvey Producer
Jon Rennie Executive Producer
Nick Harvey Executive Producer
Rebecca Warner-Perry Line Producer
Will Winfield Editor
Kadesha Affrica Drija Editor
Felix Burton (as Basement Jaxx) Composer
Simon Ratcliffe (as Basement Jaxx) Composer

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