The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud
The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud

The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud

  • TV sitcom
  • CITV
  • 2019 - 2023
  • 104 episodes (3 series)

Animated sitcom for CITV about a boy who is a magnet for disaster. Stars Johnny Vegas, Arthur Smith, Philip Glenister, Jane Horrocks, Lisa Hammond and more.

  • This series will continue at a later date

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Series 1, Episode 22 - Spud-Ageddon

The Spuds don't care about a carbon footprint, since George has come home with a haul of free electronics that they all want to test out.

Broadcast details

Monday 16th September 2019
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 17th September 2019 7:40am CITV
Sunday 22nd September 2019 1:10pm CITV
Thursday 3rd October 2019 4:45pm CITV
Friday 4th October 2019 7:40am CITV
Monday 21st October 2019 1:45pm CITV
Friday 25th October 2019 9:05am CITV
Wednesday 30th October 2019 4:45pm CITV
Monday 18th November 2019 7:10pm CITV
Tuesday 19th November 2019 8:10am CITV
Thursday 5th December 2019 7:10pm CITV
Friday 6th December 2019 8:10am CITV
Saturday 21st December 2019 2:25pm CITV
Monday 23rd December 2019 12:15pm CITV
Monday 30th December 2019 12:15pm CITV
Friday 3rd January 2020 12:10pm CITV
Sunday 19th January 2020 8:10am ITV1
Monday 20th January 2020 4:15pm CITV
Saturday 25th January 2020 3:40pm CITV
Thursday 6th February 2020 4:15pm CITV
Saturday 8th February 2020 9:40am CITV
Monday 17th February 2020 8:40pm CITV
Friday 21st February 2020 7:10am CITV
Sunday 8th March 2020 3:40pm CITV
Sunday 22nd March 2020 9:40am CITV
Thursday 26th March 2020 9:40am CITV
Monday 30th March 2020 4:45pm CITV
Friday 3rd April 2020 10:10am CITV
Thursday 9th April 2020 10:45am CITV
Thursday 16th April 2020 11:05am CITV
Saturday 18th April 2020 3:40pm CITV
Friday 1st May 2020 2:55pm CITV
Monday 4th May 2020 11:05am CITV
Friday 8th May 2020 2:55pm CITV
Saturday 9th May 2020 9:10am ITV1
Thursday 21st May 2020 2:55pm CITV
Friday 22nd May 2020 10:55am CITV
Sunday 24th May 2020 3:40pm CITV
Wednesday 10th June 2020 7:25pm CITV
Tuesday 16th June 2020 1:45pm CITV
Wednesday 17th June 2020 11:00am CITV
Sunday 21st June 2020 9:15am CITV
Monday 22nd June 2020 7:50pm CITV
Saturday 27th June 2020 2:35pm CITV
Friday 3rd July 2020 1:45pm CITV
Friday 3rd July 2020 7:40pm CITV
Monday 6th July 2020 2:05pm CITV
Friday 17th July 2020 1:55pm CITV
Wednesday 22nd July 2020 7:50pm CITV
Saturday 25th July 2020 3:00pm CITV
Wednesday 29th July 2020 2:20pm CITV
Sunday 9th August 2020 8:45am CITV
Monday 10th August 2020 7:50pm CITV
Tuesday 11th August 2020 11:40am CITV
Sunday 23rd August 2020 2:45pm CITV
Monday 24th August 2020 11:25am CITV
Thursday 27th August 2020 7:45pm CITV
Thursday 3rd September 2020 11:55am CITV
Monday 14th September 2020 7:15pm CITV
Tuesday 15th September 2020 2:00pm CITV
Sunday 27th September 2020 4:30pm CITV
Thursday 1st October 2020 6:15pm CITV
Friday 2nd October 2020 2:00pm CITV
Saturday 3rd October 2020 10:55am CITV
Tuesday 20th October 2020 6:15pm CITV
Wednesday 21st October 2020 2:00pm CITV
Friday 30th October 2020 1:40pm CITV
Friday 13th November 2020 4:15pm CITV
Saturday 14th November 2020 4:30pm CITV
Monday 16th November 2020 9:05am CITV
Tuesday 1st December 2020 4:00pm CITV
Thursday 3rd December 2020 9:05am CITV
Thursday 17th December 2020 4:15pm CITV
Tuesday 22nd December 2020 9:10am CITV
Saturday 2nd January 2021 4:40pm CITV
Sunday 3rd January 2021 8:30am ITV1
Monday 4th January 2021 4:30pm CITV
Saturday 16th January 2021 10:35am CITV
Monday 1st February 2021 12:00pm CITV
Sunday 7th February 2021 6:45pm CITV
Monday 8th February 2021 4:45pm CITV
Tuesday 9th February 2021 7:40am CITV
Friday 19th February 2021 1:10pm CITV
Saturday 27th February 2021 6:10am ITV1
Sunday 28th February 2021 10:25am CITV
Monday 1st March 2021 6:50am CITV
Monday 1st March 2021 12:00pm CITV
Thursday 11th March 2021 11:45am CITV
Thursday 11th March 2021 7:10pm CITV
Saturday 20th March 2021 2:05pm CITV
Friday 26th March 2021 7:05am CITV
Tuesday 6th April 2021 7:40pm CITV
Saturday 17th April 2021 8:55am CITV
Saturday 29th May 2021 2:05pm CITV
Friday 18th June 2021 2:35pm CITV
Saturday 19th June 2021 8:55am CITV
Monday 21st June 2021 9:10am CITV
Friday 16th July 2021 2:35pm CITV
Saturday 17th July 2021 6:20am ITV1
Monday 26th July 2021 11:40am CITV
Monday 26th July 2021 7:45pm CITV
Monday 9th August 2021 11:40am CITV
Monday 9th August 2021 7:45pm CITV
Monday 23rd August 2021 11:40am CITV
Monday 23rd August 2021 7:45pm CITV
Saturday 28th August 2021 8:55am CITV
Monday 6th September 2021 2:30pm CITV
Tuesday 7th September 2021 9:40am CITV
Monday 4th October 2021 2:30pm CITV
Tuesday 5th October 2021 9:40am CITV
Sunday 31st October 2021 6:10pm CITV
Tuesday 9th November 2021 10:10am CITV
Saturday 27th November 2021 6:20am ITV1
Sunday 28th November 2021 2:10pm CITV
Friday 24th December 2021 7:45pm CITV
Monday 27th December 2021 8:00pm CITV
Wednesday 29th December 2021 11:30am CITV
Monday 24th January 2022 10:45am CITV
Monday 24th January 2022 5:15pm CITV
Saturday 26th February 2022 6:25am ITV1
Wednesday 16th March 2022 5:15pm CITV
Sunday 10th April 2022 10:40am CITV
Sunday 10th April 2022 7:00pm CITV
Tuesday 19th April 2022 5:45pm CITV
Wednesday 20th April 2022 11:45am CITV
Saturday 28th May 2022 6:20am ITV1
Friday 3rd June 2022 1:45pm CITV
Wednesday 8th June 2022 5:15pm CITV
Friday 24th June 2022 7:10am CITV
Sunday 24th July 2022 7:45pm CITV
Tuesday 26th July 2022 7:40am CITV
Friday 29th July 2022 5:30pm CITV
Saturday 27th August 2022 6:20am ITV1
Wednesday 31st August 2022 7:40am CITV
Monday 19th September 2022 8:00am CITV
Monday 19th September 2022 2:00pm CITV
Saturday 15th October 2022 10:15am CITV
Friday 11th November 2022 7:45am CITV
Sunday 27th November 2022 6:00am ITV1
Sunday 27th November 2022 11:45am CITV
Friday 2nd December 2022 12:20pm CITV
Sunday 4th December 2022 10:25am CITV
Friday 23rd December 2022 1:00pm CITV
Friday 23rd December 2022 5:15pm CITV
Wednesday 4th January 2023 3:15pm CITV
Thursday 5th January 2023 8:15am CITV
Wednesday 8th March 2023 5:45pm CITV
Thursday 9th March 2023 8:15am CITV
Sunday 26th March 2023 7:30am ITV1
Monday 17th April 2023 6:45am CITV
Monday 1st May 2023 8:40pm CITV
Sunday 28th May 2023 2:00pm CITV
Sunday 28th May 2023 8:30pm CITV
Friday 9th June 2023 6:45am CITV
Saturday 10th June 2023 8:40pm CITV
Tuesday 1st August 2023 6:30am CITV
Tuesday 1st August 2023 4:45pm CITV
Sunday 6th August 2023 8:30pm CITV

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