The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud.

The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud

CITV sitcom about a boy prone to disaster. 66 episodes (2 series), 2019 - 2021. Stars Johnny Vegas, Arthur Smith, Philip Glenister, Jane Horrocks and others.

Series 2, Episode 15 is repeated tomorrow at 9am.

Video Clips

Cheesy Dreams

Finding himself stuck inside a cheesy dream with the rest of the Spuds, Dave learns that the only way to escape is to admit what he has done and confront his cheesy guilt.

From Series 2, Episode 19. Featuring: Johnny Vegas (Dave Spud), Arthur Smith (George Spud), Philip Glenister (Betty Spud), Jane Horrocks (Gran), Lisa Hammond (Anna Spud), Gina Yashere (Gareth the Starfish).

Little Fluffy Cloud

Dave and Anna nurse a poorly, polluted cloud back to health and teach it how to fly again.

From Series 2, Episode 38. Featuring: Johnny Vegas (Dave Spud), Lisa Hammond (Anna Spud).

Do Zombies Dream of Banana Custard?

Zombie Katie is so shocked by the taste of one of Gran's Fishermen's Enemy sweets that her life force leaves her body. Dave and his friends need to find Katie's naughty life force before it is too late.

From Series 2, Episode 17.

Burning Wheels

The water in the Spuds' flat is off, and having not had a bath in weeks, Dave is sent down to the basement to find the problem. There Dave stumbles across a fellow stinker, Josh Gnarly, who invites him to join his skating gang, the NeverCleans.

From Series 2, Episode 16. Featuring: Johnny Vegas (Dave Spud).


Dave's pet goldfish returns from the dead to wreak havoc.

From Series 2, Episode 15. Featuring: Johnny Vegas (Dave Spud).


Dave is thrilled when he wins an electronic home-help device called Barry.

From Series 2, Episode 14.