The Catherine Tate Show. Catherine Tate
The Catherine Tate Show

The Catherine Tate Show

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 2004 - 2009
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

Popular sketch show starring Catherine Tate as a range of characters, including a rude nan and a talkative teenager. Also features Mathew Horne, Niky Wardley, Ella Kenion, Rebecca Front, Angela McHale and more.

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Series 2, Episode 1

Lauren is not impressed by her teacher's dress sense, Nan's television breaks down and Derek Faye is insulted by a doctor.

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Lauren and her classmates are waiting for their teacher who is taking them to the theatre. As the teacher enters the classroom, Lauren immediately starts commenting on her shoes. The teacher appears to be wearing sandals. Lauren asks her if she is a Christian. She also asks her if she likes Cliff Richard and if she is the Vicar of Dibley. Lauren is not bovvered that she might get suspended from this trip.

Derek Faye is sitting in the doctor's surgery and he presents Derek with a leaflet about a new gay men's health clinic. Derek is awfully offended by that and claims that living with his mother does not make him gay. Derek picks up his 'gentleman's sponge bag' and leaves with his male companion, Leonard Mincing.

Sandra and two police officers are in an interview room. The police officers are offering her a place in the refuge where there are other people like herself. She is sick of her fellow villagers sniggering behind her back just because she is ginger.

Ally is at a party. Lee introduces her to a woman who appears to have something on her face. Ally advises her to give it a rub-off, but it doesn't come off. As Ally tries to remove the hair herself, she discovers that the hair is attached. Embarrassed Ally tries to comfort Yvonne by saying that her nan had a beard. She drops to her knees and crawls away in embarrassment.

Janice and Ray are sitting on the sofa, discussing their visit to a 'gastropub'. Ray liked the sound of the mushroom soup until he read what sort of mushrooms the soup was made of - dried shit ache mushrooms. He refused to eat it because he won't eat anything with 'dried shit' in the title.

Paul and Sam are in the bedroom, talking about Sam's lunchtime. Her and her colleagues went to a newsagent to buy some mints and a newspeper, but Sam decided to buy a scratch card. She was amazed to discover that she had three pound symbols on her scratch card, which means that she won her money back, but it turns out that the symbols weren't in a straight line. She says that it was 'absolute bedlam'.

Sandra, hidden under a blanket, is hurried into the ginger refuge with the help of police officers. Everybody welcomes her and Sandra joins a woman with her child. She asks if her mum lives in the refuge as well and the dark-haired woman says that she is her mother. Sandra is confused. Helen appears to be a carrier as the ginger gene can skip a generation. She might not have ginger hair, but she is ginger in her heart.

Ally is at a party. Dan introduces her to Shaun who is stuttering. As Shaun tries to pronounce his name, Ally interrupts him with 'Chaka Khan, let me rock you'! After a few interruptions, Shaun finally manages to say his name and Ally is once again embarrassed.

Sheila Carter is in a car after a funeral. They discuss the service and Sheila doesn't like their manners. As everyone sits in silence, she lets out a long fart.

Nan is sitting in front of the television and Jamie rushes in and asks her if she is alright. She is shocked that she can't get her television to work. Jamie called Danny Shaw to fix the television, but Nan doesn't know who he is. He explains to her that his mother is Lou Shaw, known to Nan as Loupy Lou. As he repairs the television, Nan gives him £50 for his trouble. But when he leaves, she starts complaining about how much she had to pay and he wasn't even there 5 minutes. She claims to have been mugged in her own front room.

Sandra is relaxing in the refuge when a fight breaks about between two women. One of them says that the other one is not even ginger - she's strawberry blonde. Rita calms them down and they hug. Gingers gather round and sing to a guitar. Meanwhile, an anti-ginger has gathered outside, shouting 'gingers out'.


This episode marks the first appearance by Derek Faye.

Broadcast details

Thursday 21st July 2005
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Catherine Tate Various
Mathew Horne Various
Niky Wardley Various
Ella Kenion Various
Rebecca Front 'Elaine Figgis' Documentary Narrator
Angela McHale Various
Bruce Mackinnon Various
Jonathan McGuinness Various
Derren Litten Various
Guest cast
Siobhan Redmond Guest
Geraldine McNulty Ensemble Actor
Lee Ross Ensemble Actor
Sue Elliott-Nicholls Ensemble Actor
Sally Ann Matthews Ensemble Actor
Geoffrey Perkins Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Catherine Tate Writer
Aschlin Ditta Writer
Derren Litten Writer
Gordon Anderson Writer
Jenny Lecoat Writer
Ella Kenion Writer
Niky Wardley Writer
Mathew Horne Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Gordon Anderson Director
Geoffrey Perkins Producer
Lucy Lumsden Executive Producer
Philippa Catt Line Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Jo Sutherland Production Designer
Kate Day Casting Director
John Sorapure Director of Photography
Lucia Santa-Maria Costume Designer
Vanessa White Make-up Designer
Christopher Clayton (as Chris Clayton) Lighting Designer
Julie Sykes 1st Assistant Director


Shitake mushrooms

Janice demonstrates her lack of mushroom knowledge.

Featuring: Derren Litten & Catherine Tate.

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