The Catherine Tate Show. Catherine Tate
The Catherine Tate Show

The Catherine Tate Show

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 2004 - 2009
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

Popular sketch show starring Catherine Tate as a range of characters, including a rude nan and a talkative teenager. Also features Mathew Horne, Niky Wardley, Ella Kenion, Rebecca Front, Angela McHale and more.

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Series 1, Episode 1

A young couple has to live in their car for their baby's sake, Claire is 'not drunk enough' and Nan accuses a social worker of stealing her clothes. Also, is Beyoncé "bling bling" or "bing bing"?

Further details

At the breakfast table, a man reads the newspaper and the woman looks into the garden. As soon as he turns the page she screams, scared. The same for when he puts down his coffee mug and when he eats his toast. Then she turns around and puts some milk into her Rice Krispies. Then she starts to scream again as her cereal start to pop.

At night, a couple is walking home. At her door they say goodbye. They kiss and he asks if he can come in, but she tells him that she's not drunk enough to let him in (which would imply more than just a coffee). He asks if she doesn't like him. She says she does, but she isn't drunk enough to find him attractive. He asks why she isn't drunk, which leads her to explain that she can barely stand because she's so drunk, but she ain't drunk enough yet. He is upset as they were at a beer festival. Turns out her liver is already so damaged she might die within a year - and that only because she likes him, but doesn't find him attractive enough. She says goodnight. He hands her another beer and tells her to call him.

In the train, two schoolgirls and a boy talk about some TV show. One of them misunderstood "Bling Bling" and say "bing, bing". However as she puts it, she ain't bovvered by her own mistake. Then they argue about shutting up. The argument ends with Lauren's phone "binging".

In the lawyer's office, a woman asks her lawyer some details about an ongoing process. He explains to her as long as she isn't honest, he can't help her. He goes over to her. Then she forgets her lines and the take of the show production comes in. They take a break, the next day, the woman suddenly has huge lips. He asks if everything was the same yesterday, so they go back into their roles. Then he has to kiss her, those completely disfigured lips.

Jamie meets his nan. She explains as it's cold inside it must be cold outside as well. He turns on the fireplace. Then she complains right away that it's too hot in there. She explains her home help from Poland - "one of them odd-mark countries, anyway" - was here today. Nan doesn't like her. Nan accuses her that she is stealing. She explains she hates social services. Then they turn on the TV: Emmerdale - apparently the fat girl off the show is presenting a new programme, called Huge Big Frame. Jamie corrects her and says that programme is actually called You've Been Framed.

The Aga Saga Woman and her two children sit at the breakfast table. The boy just dropped the egg cleaver on the floor and now it's dirty and his sister hasn't topped her egg yet. The mother calls Alice, the babysitter. Alice has to use public transport - a taxi - to get home and turn on the dishwasher. The girl screams because her egg can't breathe and that they are all cursed. The mother screams that they are all going to die.

A young couple drives up to some friend's house, but there's one problem: the baby only sleeps when the car is on.

At the office, Ellen is eating cake. Kate asks her if that's cake or not. So they chat about the cake. Kate then forces Ellen to guess how much weight she lost within a week now. All answers freak her out as insulting. Then she grabs the cake and eats it. "Happy now?! "

The easily scared woman is searching her mobile. So he has to call hers. When it rings, it makes her jump.

The young couple with the baby eat their soup in the car, as the engine has to be running for the baby. He drops his soup when somebody knocks on the window, but he can't scream, otherwise the baby would wake up.

In the office, the two women now talk about Easter and film extras in Ben Hur.

A couple are in bed together, both reading. Both argue over some names of work colleagues. They argue about Lisa. Then she suddenly wants a dog: a Spaniel - a Prince Charles Spaniel. She thinks it's a bit much, calling the dog a Prince Charles Spaniel, just because he's got big ears. After a while, they discover that the dig is actually a King Charles Spaniel. Then she calls Shelly, who simply "won't believe what has happened to them".

The young family argue over opening the presents. Their friends join them now in the car.

The easily scared woman is in the kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice, when the toasts come out, she lets go of the glass.

On a junkyard, there's a dead man. Two police officers argue if he's dead. She explains everything could just be the imagination of someone. Then she starts to sing about her imagination. He has to join her. They sing "Brass In Pocket" together.

At the office, Kate and Ellen talk about a flat Kate might get. She got it 500 pounds under the listed price.


Michael Brandon was billed as special guest star.

Broadcast details

Monday 16th February 2004
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 5th August 2011 9:00pm W
Monday 19th December 2011 11:00pm W
Tuesday 20th December 2011 10:55pm W
Wednesday 25th January 2012 12:00am W
Wednesday 25th January 2012 10:00pm W
Wednesday 28th March 2012 1:00am W
Wednesday 28th March 2012 11:00pm W
Thursday 29th November 2012 12:40am W
Wednesday 12th December 2012 12:40am W
Thursday 17th January 2013 12:45am W
Wednesday 6th February 2013 12:00am W
Tuesday 19th February 2013 12:00am W
Tuesday 18th June 2013 12:00am W
Friday 23rd August 2013 1:00am W
Saturday 1st March 2014 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 5th July 2014 12:00am W
Saturday 5th July 2014 10:00pm W
Saturday 14th February 2015 9:00pm Gold
Thursday 5th March 2015 10:00pm W
Monday 1st June 2015 10:20pm W
Wednesday 2nd September 2015 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 3rd September 2015 2:00am Gold
Monday 21st December 2015 11:35pm W
Tuesday 5th January 2016 9:30pm Gold
Wednesday 6th April 2016 10:10pm W
Wednesday 1st June 2016 11:00pm Gold
Thursday 2nd June 2016 2:50am Gold
Monday 4th July 2016 10:40pm W
Sunday 13th November 2016 12:55am Gold
Sunday 11th December 2016 7:40pm W
Wednesday 5th July 2017 11:00pm W
Saturday 4th November 2017 9:00pm W
Monday 5th March 2018 11:00pm W
Saturday 5th May 2018 9:00pm W
Sunday 6th May 2018 12:20am W
Friday 22nd June 2018 11:00pm W
Saturday 7th July 2018 9:00pm W
Sunday 23rd December 2018 11:30pm W
Sunday 30th December 2018 7:25pm W
Sunday 30th December 2018 11:25pm W
Friday 4th January 2019 11:55pm W
Saturday 5th January 2019 11:05pm W
Saturday 12th January 2019 9:00pm W
Saturday 2nd November 2019 9:00pm W
Saturday 27th June 2020 10:00pm W
Saturday 1st August 2020 10:00pm W
Saturday 12th September 2020 9:15pm W
Saturday 24th October 2020 12:10am W
Saturday 24th October 2020 10:20pm W
Tuesday 29th December 2020 1:00am W
Wednesday 30th December 2020 12:25am W
Friday 24th September 2021 10:00pm W
Saturday 25th September 2021 9:00pm W
Friday 12th November 2021 9:30pm W
Friday 7th January 2022 10:00pm W
Saturday 8th January 2022 9:00pm W
Friday 13th May 2022 10:00pm W
Friday 16th September 2022 10:00pm W
Saturday 17th September 2022 9:00pm W
Wednesday 26th October 2022 11:10pm BBC4
Saturday 29th October 2022 9:00pm W
Friday 7th April 2023 10:00pm W
Saturday 8th April 2023 9:00pm W
Friday 21st July 2023 10:00pm W
Saturday 22nd July 2023 9:00pm W
Saturday 14th October 2023 12:00am ITV2
Saturday 14th October 2023 9:00pm W
Friday 16th February 2024 11:00pm W
Saturday 17th February 2024 9:00pm W

Cast & crew

Catherine Tate Various
Mathew Horne Various
Niky Wardley Various
Ella Kenion Various
Rebecca Front 'Elaine Figgis' Documentary Narrator
Angela McHale Various
Bruce Mackinnon Various
Jonathan McGuinness Various
Derren Litten Various
James Holmes Various
Guest cast
Michael Brandon Guest
Lee Ross Ensemble Actor
JJ Bee (as Jonathan Bee) Ensemble Actor
Francesca Isherwood Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Catherine Tate Writer
Aschlin Ditta Writer
Derren Litten Writer
Mathew Horne Writer
Arthur Mathews Writer
Bruce Mackinnon Writer
Production team
Gordon Anderson Director
Geoffrey Perkins Producer
Jo Hunter Line Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Mykola Pawluk Editor
Jo Sutherland Production Designer
Sarah Crowe Casting Director
John Sorapure Director of Photography
Lucia Santa-Maria Costume Designer
Vanessa White Make-up Designer
Christopher Clayton (as Chris Clayton) Lighting Designer
Lee Trevor 1st Assistant Director

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