Men Behaving Badly. Image shows from L to R: Gary Strang (Martin Clunes), Dorothy (Caroline Quentin), Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), Deborah (Leslie Ash). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd
Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / ITV1
  • 1992 - 1998
  • 42 episodes (6 series)

Flat share sitcom following security salesman Gary and his lodger, as they attempt to navigate the opposite sex. Stars Martin Clunes, Neil Morrissey, Leslie Ash, Caroline Quentin, Ian Lindsay and more.

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Press clippings

'Great sitcoms are missing from our TV screens and our lives - we need them in these times'

Even if "we're all doomed" under the Tories, as Dad's Army's Pte Frazer would say, shows like George And Mildred, Are You Being Served?, Robin's Nest and Three's Company still make us laugh.

Siobhan McNally, The Mirror, 24th January 2024

The reality of remaking UK sitcoms

The CBS version of the BBC comedy Ghosts is one of the biggest shows on American TV. But US remakes more often than not go south. Armando Iannucci and other creators share their horror stories.

Daniel Dylan Wray, The Guardian, 13th May 2023

Martin Clunes says Men Behaving Badly could not return 'these days'

"I mean we talked about things like Kylie Minogue's buttocks and compared them to a racehorse's. How could we do that now? But neither could you get a show like Doc Martin commissioned now. Someone would say, 'Where's the murdered prostitute in the opening scene?'"

The Scotsman, 22nd August 2022

Men Behaving Badly would never be made now as it would fail the woke test

Caroline Quentin says Men Behaving Badly could never be made for today's woke TV.

The actress, who shot to fame as Dorothy on the Nineties sitcom, revealed that fans continue to clamour for a reboot. But Caroline, 61, said: "It's a wonderful artefact of a certain moment in time, but it wouldn't pass the 'woke' test now."

Felicity Cross, The Sun, 21st June 2022

Where are the new classic sitcoms?

When The One Show recently ran a poll to find the best-loved BBC shows ever, half of the top programmes were sitcoms - but none was launched within the last 15 years. So where are the future classics?

Ian Youngs, BBC, 14th May 2022

Comedy at Home

Even without the unique circumstance of 2020, it's the time of year when we're all looking for something to cosy up with for a good laugh. With more time being spent home than normal, here's a selection of brilliant domestic sitcoms from the Network catalogue to entice your comedy taste buds this winter. Each is set primarily or solely in a home, so snuggle up warm with that glowing feeling that only a comedy escape can give.

Aaron Brown, Network, 10th December 2020

British comedy remakes that hit and missed in the US

The Office landed, while The Inbetweeners floundered - so what makes a good US remake?

Ben Allen, Radio Times, 29th May 2019

Gallery: 20 politically incorrect 'modern' comedies

Here are 20 recent comedies that wouldn't have been green-lit today.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 17th October 2017

Blackadder tops list of shows people would like to return

Blackadder, Only Fools And Horses, Spitting Image and Fawlty Towers have come out top of a poll that asked people which classic TV shows they'd like to return.

British Comedy Guide, 15th June 2017

Neil Morrissey would consider Men Behaving Badly return

Neil Morrissey has revealed he would consider reprising his role in Men Behaving Badly with the right script.

BT, 14th February 2017

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