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Series 19, Episode 8 - Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Jack Whitehall,

Johnny Depp says he loved the idea of being Donald Trump, Jennifer Lawrence talks about her celebrity humiliations, James McAvoy says another X-Men may be on the cards, Jack Whitehall jokes about Harrison, while talks about Michael Jackson and Prince.

Further details

Johnny Depp, asked if press rumours that he is moving to the UK are true, he says, "Is this the move to Manchester? It's possible I guess, but actually I've never been to Manchester. Apparently I already live in Bath - I was seen buying spatulas and stuff. That might be my favourite celebrity spot."

Talking about playing Donald Trump for a spoof online documentary, he says, "I had no idea if I could do an impression of him or not. I was asked to do a feature film in four days and I liked that idea. Then I was asked if I'd I like to play Donald Trump and I loved that idea! I didn't care if I was capable or not, I wanted to try, so I did my bit as Donald Trump. I don't want to be Donald Trump!"

Jennifer Lawrence, recounting an unfortunate celebrity encounter while out on the town with Jack Whitehall, says, "I probably humiliated myself more than ever before. I never assume anyone knows who I am, but when I spotted Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams I was like, 'It'll be fine, we're all co-workers, right!' So I went up to them and started dancing like an idiot and the whole table just went quiet and stared at me. I realised while I am dancing that they had absolutely no idea who I was so I just turned around and walked back to Jack dying of embarrassment." Adding, "Later he wrote to me because someone with a 12 year-old must have told him who I was!"

Jack interjects, "The funny thing was I had just done this show with Harrison and he is the only A-list Hollywood star I'd met. Jen had just been blanked and I was like, 'Hey, it's alright, I'll go and say hi to Harrison,' and everyone was like, 'Jack, don't do this. It will be humiliating,' I got up and walk over and thinking, 'Oh God maybe he won't remember me and I'm going to be humiliated too,' And literally as I walked over he stood up and shouted, 'Hey, Jack!'" It was so funny. It was probably the best night of my life and Jen's worst!"

Talking about an embarrassing meeting with Sandra Bullock, Jennifer says, "I still feel bad. I should have emailed her and explained but I don't know what to say. I was backstage with her at the Oscars where she was presenting and I said, 'I love all your work except All About Steve - it was really bad'. She was lovely about it but as she walked on stage I shouted after her. 'Don't suck Sandy!' I still have no idea why!"

James McAvoy, talking about finally appearing bald in his and Jennifer's new film X-Men Apocalypse, says, "I shaved it months before to see what it would look like and turned up on the shoot with about two month's growth and they were like, 'What have you done?' and I had to have the first of 17-hour hair extensions sessions!

"When we finally shaved it off we decided to facetime Patrick Stewart so he could pass on the baldy baton. We though it was funny when he asked if he could have some of the hair, but it turns out the director bagged it up for him and he now has all my hair at home in a safe, which is kind of creepy."

Asked if he will appear in another X-Men film, James says, "If they write good stuff for us, if schedules work out and they pay enough money I am sure we'll still keep doing it!"

Jack, talking about his new film Mothers' Day, and asked if appearing with Julia Roberts had been intimidating, he says, "It was amazing, but quite weird. It was very exciting to do but I was brought back down to earth very quickly. I flew back from Hollywood and was literally driven straight from the airport to a voiceover for ASDA!" Asked more about his role in the film, he says, "I play an English stand-up comedian. It's a role I took quite a long run up at - about 10 years!" performs Boys and Girls (featuring Pia Mia) live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat. Talking about the amazing amount of music he created with Michael Jackson, Prince and other artists, and asked if he will ever release those tracks, he says, "No. Especially with an artist like Michael Jackson - without him guiding it, it's not my right to do it. He was a friend so I wouldn't do that."

Revealing he once brought Michael Jackson and Prince together, Will says, "One time we had a show in Vegas and Michael called asking, if he could come and what time it started, when I told him nine, he said (Will impersonates Michael Jackson throughout), 'Oh rats, I've got to put the kids to sleep.' I told him I was performing with Prince later on and that he should come along. It was a magnificent night with me, Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson watching Prince rock on stage.

"Prince steps off the stage and plays the bass in Michael's face. Michael invites me over for breakfast the next day and the first words he says as he opens the door are, 'Why was Prince playing the bass in my face?' When I said he was just being nice, Michael said, 'No, he's always been a meanie."

Paying tribute to Michael Jackson and Prince, he says, "Bless their hearts, they were both so passionate and we have lost some great musicians."

Asked if he might move to the UK, he says, "I've been thinking about it because I love the UK so much. I practically live here now and if Trump is for real, I'm British all the way!"

Broadcast details

Friday 13th May 2016
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Jack Whitehall Guest
James McAvoy Guest
Johnny Depp Guest
William Adams (as Guest
Jennifer Lawrence Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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