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Series 15, Episode 2 - Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Paolo Nutini

Andrew Garfield says he loves being Spiderman, Emma Stone reveals she never watches herself on screen, Jamie Foxx talks about his early career and Paulo Nutini sings live in the studio.

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Andrew Garfield, talking about playing the lead role in the Spiderman movie, says, "I am a fan, I love being Spiderman. I adore it. My first ever Halloween costume when I was three was a Spiderman outfit."

Revealing he was given a hard time by the children he visited in South London dressed as Spiderman, Andrew says, "At the start these inner city kids were like, 'Why don't you climb the god damn wall? Get up that wall and be Spiderman!' I said, 'There are no bad guys are around so I can't use my powers irresponsibly,' and they eventually let up!"

Asked if the studio wraps him in cotton wool as the star of such a big franchise, he says, "No, I don't allow that. There may be some attempts at it because if I die, outside the personal tragedy, it could cost the studio a lot of money! They've tried to make me use four wheels but they can't keep me off my Vespa!"

Emma Stone, revealing she doesn't watch her own films, says, "I hate it. I don't like thinking about my facial expressions. It's nicer just to enjoy making the movie."

Talking about a recent screening of The Help at the White House, she says, "Michelle Obama and her lovely friends were there. It was like an organisation of lovely women! It was pretty amazing to be there but it is terrible to watch yourself."

Feigning annoyance, Jamie Foxx jokes, "So how did that invitation go down, did you just get a call? I've never got one from the first black president and I'm African American!" He then breaks into a perfect impression of Barack Obama.

Talking about her character Gwen in Spiderman, and asked if fans will miss Mary Jane, Emma says, "It's actually very comforting to play a character people don't know that much about. It's nice to tell her story from the very beginning and her story is beautiful and tragic. Her story is the reason I wanted to play the character."

Revealing she delivered a PowerPoint presentation to her parents on the benefits of moving to Hollywood aged 15, she says, "I heard a voice telling me I had to move to LA so I went home and made this presentation. It sounds ridiculous and would punish my child for doing it!"

Asked about her love of the Spice Girls, she says, "I've been talking more about them on this press tour than I have about the movie. I was obsessed with them and I love them." Revealing Emma Bunton is her favourite, she adds, "They are fantastic. They taught me about girl power."

Jamie, talking about the phenomenon of the Spiderman films, says, "This is my first one and it's amazing. People cried when they watched it."

Talking about his voice as Electro, he says, "When I was working on it I watched a lot of Clint Eastwood films to get his voice and I know it sounds weird, but I also used Alex Baldwin's voice. He is a great whisperer. So I grabbed a bit of that for what my character would sound like."

On how terrible his character Max Dillon looked before transforming into Electro, he says, "That's what I would look like if Jamie Foxx hadn't made it!"

On his early career he says, "My first audition was with Oliver Stone and he said, 'You're just terrible, you stink and you're a slave to television!' That's when I learnt about being a film actor."

Talking about appearing in Collateral, "This is how I knew I wasn't a big star. I was driving the car with Tom [Cruise] in the back and I was doing a stunt crash, which turned into a real crash. And when they get to us they are like, 'Jamie, get out of the way. Tom, are you okay?' And, that's how you know who you are!"

Paulo Nutini sings Scream (Funk My Life Up) live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat about his new album. Asked what he had been up to lately, he says, "For the last three years I've kind of kept myself to myself, wandering around looking for adventure and I found a fair bit of it!"

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Friday 11th April 2014
50 minutes


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