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Series 10, Episode 8 - Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr, Alesha Dixon, Eddie Izzard, Rebecca Ferguson

Robert Downey Jnr reveals his horrible misjudgment on set, Jude Law refuses to show Graham his new hair cut, Alesha Dixon says she would rather be single, and Eddie Izzard says men dressing as women is bizarre.

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Talking about being a Strictly judge, Alesha Dixon says, "We've got the easy job, we just show up on a Saturday." And on the success of this year's show says, "It's a combination of everything and it's warm and fluffy, it's escapism and it's not too deep. We need nice shows to make us feel good."

Predicting the outcome of the final, she says, "It will either be Chelsea or Harry. Chelsea is a brilliant dancer but I think a lot of women have a soft spot for Harry."

Asked if there is sexual tension between the couples and whether she can tell when they have crossed the line, she says, "Yes, absolutely. You can just tell. When they are right in front of you, you can read the way they look at each other and the chemistry. I love that bit of it. I loved it when Kara and Artem got together. They were the real deal, genuinely falling in love."

And, on Nancy Dell'Olio's threat to sue her, Alesha says, "My criticism wasn't personal, it was funny and when she said she was going to sue me I thought, 'This is a dancing competition.' She was upset I think because I am the female judge and she took it more personally. When Craig says things it's just normal but when I say something I think it stands out more. If she is a lawyer I look forward to the call!"

Asked if the rumours are right that Mis-Teeq is reforming she says, "There is always talk about us reforming. I would love to do something with the girls again but Su-Elise has moved to Australia so it's a little bit difficult. Being part of Strictly means that Mis-Teeq gets forgotten but it was a life-changing time for me. I'll always love the girls but I think we have all moved on now."

When asked if she is dating, she says, "I am single. You've heard me laugh, imagine waking up to that! I would rather be single until I meet someone special. I've had a bad time in the past with men and I think you become guarded and you don't want to give your heart away so easily." Intriguingly she adds, "But, I am having a bit of fun though, so don't worry about that!"

Explaining to Eddie Izzard what has happened during the year he has been away, Alesha talks about the royal wedding and says, "I'm going to be really honest now, I thought Pippa looked amazing but I still don't know what the fuss was over her bum. I love bums and she doesn't have one that makes me go, 'I want Pippa's bum.' She looked perfect but she didn't take anything away from her sister."

On his amazing achievement of running 43 marathons in 51 days, Eddie says, "No one believes me when I tell them - they think it's as mad as me saying 'I've eaten a car.'" And on training to be a bare foot runner, he says, "We should train all the time. We are designed to be hunter gatherers while most of us are waiters and hopers, but we should be out there (training). It keeps me sane."

Hot foot from the premier of Sherlock, Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law agree with Graham that the second film is better than the first. Jude says, "It's more confident." While Robert adds, "I hate to say it but sequels normally suck and this one doesn't."

Graham asks Jude about his incongruous red carpet outfit of suit and beanie, and despite chants of 'off, off, off' from the audience, Jude refuses to remove his hat and says, "I've been scalped for my new film and I've got had the most heinous hair cut you have ever seen. You'll see it in a cinema next year."

Talking about working on the film together, Jude says, "We immediately loved the idea of this domestic life with these two guys that live together under gunfire but argue about who turns the light on and off and who does the laundry. That bit us both."

Robert adds, "I love this guy and we had a great time. We are both perfectionists and we kept trying to challenge each other and I think it really comes through in the movie. It is a thriller and mystery but some of it is camp and just plain silly and we like that."

Jude reveals one awkward moment on set, "It was after an explosion and there were rubber bodies strewn around in impossible twisted positions covered in blood and Robert says, 'Watch this, it will be hilarious' and stamps on one of the hands and an extra jumps up in pain and says, 'For the love of God!!"

Robert adds, "I was scared, but the guy said, 'May I say what an honour it is to be stamped on by the great Sherlock Holmes.' In America he would have said, 'Lawsuit!'" I was shocked and I felt really bad as it was a horrible misjudgment but then I saw Jude and he just looked at me and we couldn't stop laughing for an hour."

On appearing in drag in the film, Robert says, "I would kick myself out of bed. I looked like my sister on a round of steroids." Famous cross dresser, Eddie humorously interjects, "I think men dressing up as women is bizarre. You can't pretend to be a transvestite you just are."

Seemingly unexcited about his impending fatherhood, Robert says he got into trouble with his wife for revealing the sex of his child on television and says, "I have poor impulse control. She told me to keep my mouth shut and stop telling people our business. She knows I have a problem. I screwed up."

Rebecca Ferguson performs Nothing's Real But Lovep live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

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Friday 16th December 2011
45 minutes

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Graham Norton Host / Presenter
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Eddie Izzard Guest
Robert Downey Jr. Guest
Jude Law Guest
Alesha Dixon Guest
Rebecca Ferguson Guest

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