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Genius With Dave Gorman. Dave Gorman. Copyright: BBC.

Genius With Dave Gorman

BBC Two panel show. 13 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2009 - 2010. Stars Dave Gorman.

Series 2, Episode 6 - Noddy Holder and Shappi Khorsandi

Slade front-man Noddy Holder and Iranian comedienne Shappi Khorsandi judge. Ideas include filing your nails while moving between the floors; the door hat; and banning Christmas records.

Full synopsis

Genius With Dave Gorman. Image shows from L to R: Noddy Holder, Dave Gorman, Shappi Khorsandi. Copyright: BBC.


Category Wall

Ideas relating to a category, each one relating to a lyric in the first verse of Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody". The category is animals.

- Cat paper: like flypaper, but stickier. Genius

- Pornography for pets to watch while their owners are out. Not a genius

- Shops should be legally obliged to give facts about dinosaurs with every sale. Genius


- The door-hat: When you open your front door a hat comes down on your head, so if it is a person you do not like at the door you can claim you are just about to go out and cannot meet them. If it is someone you do like, you can take the hat off and claim you have just go in. Genius

Picture and Video Ideas

- Hot water bottles that your partner wears at night. Instead of getting up in the middle of the night to go to the lavatory, you urinate into a tube that connects to the bottle, which warms the bottle. Female versions would urinate into a gravy boat. Genius

- Confident Queen - a song to boost people's confidence. Genius


- The girlfriend games console interface: A suit worn by your girlfriend or boyfriend which has the buttons of a game console on it. The player can therefore play a video game while spending time with their partner at the same time. Genius

Final Ideas

- PIN numbers which are printed directly onto your cash card so you do not forget them. Not a genius

- Emery board escalators so that you can file your nails as you move. Genius

- Mobile pedestrian crossings so you can cross the road wherever you want. Genius

- Light bulbs that turn themselves off whenever you blink. Not a genius

- The Noddy Holder holder, which would stop global warming by removing Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody" from the airwaves and replacing it with three minutes of silence. Not a genius

Broadcast details

Sunday 31st October 2010
30 minutes


  1. Monday 8th November 2010 at 11:20pm on BBC2

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Dave Gorman Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Noddy Holder (as Noddy Holder MBE) Guest
Shappi Khorsandi Guest
Production team
John L Spencer Director
Simon Nicholls Producer
Ali Bryer Carron Producer
Paul Schlesinger Executive Producer
Nick Peto Editor
Simon Rogers Production Designer
Gareth Jones (as Grandmaster Gareth) Composer


The Hat-o-matic

Dave Gorman is joined by glam rock legend Noddy Holder and comedian Shappi Khorsandi. They test a gadget to get rid of unwanted visitors to your house. Noddy Holder reveals that Jordan is the person he would least like to find at his door.

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Noddy Holder MBE, Shappi Khorsandi.

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