Genius With Dave Gorman. Dave Gorman. Copyright: BBC
Genius With Dave Gorman

Genius With Dave Gorman

  • TV panel show
  • BBC Two
  • 2009 - 2010
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

A TV version of Dave Gorman's radio series, in which he and celebrity guests decide which of the public's ideas are "Genius". Stars Dave Gorman.

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Series 2, Episode 5 - Tim Minchin and Alexei Sayle

Australian musical comedian Tim Minchin and alternative comedy pioneer Alexei Sayle join Dave Gorman for tonight's edition. Ideas include harmonica false teeth for the elderly; decimalised time; and turning the underground into a lazy river so people can float to their destination in rubber rings.

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Genius With Dave Gorman. Image shows from L to R: Tim Minchin, Dave Gorman, Alexei Sayle. Copyright: BBC


The Wheel of Dice

A person is selected by spinning a wheel depicting the faces of a die. If it lands on a one a person in their teens is asked, if it lands on two a person in their twenties is asked and so on.

- In their 40s: We should do away with the Moon. Not a genius

- In their teens: Transport as improved by Einstein's theory of relativity. Not a genius

- In their 60s: A system to lower the weight of lorries which carry large tonnages of budgies. Put a goshawk in the lorry so all the birds fly up and so do not weigh down the lorry. Genius

Spot the Genius

The judges have to guess which of three people have the idea of a mobile pub. The other two have different ideas.

- Mobile pubs. Genius

- A karma machine which causes bad things to happen to people who have down bad things. Not a genius

- Hamster balls for larger pets. Not a genius

Clue Picture

Tim and Alexei are shown a picture full of clues. Images can relate to either one of the contestants or to a famous person not in the room. For every image relating to a contestant they spot they score one point. You lose a point for spotting an image relating to a famous person. All points are lost if they pick one of two images relating to people who share the same idea.

- Tim picks a fisherman, which relates to contestant Mark Fisher and his idea: All large crowds should have a Where's Wally? look-alike in them. Not a genius

- Alexei picks a cow in the sea, which relates to Mel C, which is wrong.

- Tim picks the condiments, which relates to contestant Marie-Louise Brown and her idea: Up-lit people to make them look nice. Not a genius

- Alexei picks a tap, which relates to Farrah Fawcett, which is wrong.

- Tim picks an organ, which relates to Cara Organ and her idea: Decimalised time. However this is the twin idea shared with Dave Cassar and Tim loses all his points. Not a genius

Picture and Cartoon Ideas

- Dancing shoes which download dances from the internet so the shoes dance instead of you. Genius

- Turn the London Underground into a lazy river. Not a genius

- Seagull-electrocuting bird tables. Genius

Video Ideas

- Make false teeth with built-in harmonicas. Genius

Final Ideas

- Nemesis finders as an opposite to a dating agency. Not a genius

- The Neanderkit - an escape kit for the modern caveman. [Not a genius

- NHS merchandising. Genius

Broadcast details

Monday 25th October 2010
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 31st October 2010 1:45am BBC2

Cast & crew

Dave Gorman Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Alexei Sayle Guest
Tim Minchin Guest
Production team
John L Spencer Director
Simon Nicholls Producer
Ali Bryer Carron Producer
Paul Schlesinger Executive Producer
Nick Peto Editor
Simon Rogers Production Designer
Gareth Jones (as Grandmaster Gareth) Composer


Harmonica Dentures

Dave Gorman is joined by comedians Tim Minchin and Alexei Sayle, as they test the idea for a musical instrument for pensioners - the harmonica dentures, which get Tim and Alexei dancing.

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Tim Minchin & Alexei Sayle.

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