Detectorists. Image shows from L to R: Lance Stater (Toby Jones), Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Four / BBC Two
  • 2014 - 2022
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Sitcom about metal detecting enthusiasts. Stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones. Also features Rachael Stirling, Gerard Horan, Pearce Quigley, Divian Ladwa, Laura Checkley and more.

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Series 3, Episode 6

Detectorists. Image shows from L to R: Lance Stater (Toby Jones), Toni (Rebecca Callard), Becky (Rachael Stirling), Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook)
"There's something about karma going on" is Lance's wise observation, and there certainly seems to be something in the air. They have one last day on the farm, one last chance to pull out all the stops and find that gold. Terry's got a new gazebo. Perfect time for a rally.

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Wednesday 13th December 2017
BBC Four
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 1st January 2018 12:30am BBC4
Wednesday 6th June 2018 10:00pm BBC2
Saturday 26th October 2019 11:55pm BBC4
Saturday 1st January 2022 2:40am BBC4
Friday 18th November 2022 9:40pm Drama
Friday 26th May 2023 10:00pm BBC2
Saturday 9th September 2023 1:55am Drama
Thursday 26th October 2023 9:00pm Gold
Friday 27th October 2023 1:35am Gold
Friday 2nd February 2024 11:30pm Gold
Saturday 3rd February 2024 2:25am Gold
Sunday 24th March 2024 11:05pm Gold

Cast & crew

Mackenzie Crook Andy Stone
Toby Jones Lance Stater
Rachael Stirling Becky
Gerard Horan Terry
Pearce Quigley Russell
Divian Ladwa Hugh
Laura Checkley Louise
Orion Ben Varde
Sophie Thompson Sheila
Simon Farnaby Art
Paul Casar Paul
Diana Rigg Veronica
Alexa Davies Kate
Rebecca Callard Toni
Guest cast
Asa James Wallace Stanley
Kevin Eldon Auctioneer
Writing team
Mackenzie Crook Writer
Andrew Ellard Story Producer
Production team
Mackenzie Crook Director
Gill Isles Producer
Lisa Thomas Executive Producer
Alan Marke Executive Producer
Jim Reid Executive Producer
Alex Moody Executive Producer
Colin Fair Editor
Sam Harley (as Samantha Harley) Production Designer
Catherine Willis Casting Director
Mattias Nyberg Director of Photography
Jackie Vernon Costume Designer
Anne Oldham Make-up Designer
Johnny Flynn Composer
Dan Michaelson Composer
Gareth Tandy 1st Assistant Director


Is that what I think it is?

Andy finds a Roman spearhead... or does he?

Featuring: Mackenzie Crook (Andy Stone) & Toby Jones (Lance Stater).


I'm relieved to recall I whacked Detectorists on to last week's "10 best" of 2017 TV, so needn't convince you of what a beautiful respite from the rest of the year it has been: its lack of judgmentalism, its gentle tolerance of human frailty, its being gallantly unafraid of silence, at spiritual poles to febrile Twitter spats, to endless virtue signalling and 24-hour offence-taking. The last-ever series (we're told) ended with the closest it could ever come to "villains", the pitifully pompous "Simon and Garfunkel" (last season, in an inspired little twist, they had to give their real names to police: Peters and Lee) being welcomed into the arms of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club, not without a few grateful tears on behalf of Garfunkel, the splendid Simon Farnaby. Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) didn't, quite, get to do the "gold dance" at the close... cleverly, the high camera simply lingered, ambiguously, on the magpie's tree, as, coin by coin, then in a rush, it began to shed its secrets on to the sward below.

The very last drone-camera shot had the boys, alerted by some sixth sense, ambling towards the tree. I'm tempted to beg for more, but begin to wonder if creator Crook isn't quite right to leave it at this: perfect, and thus unimprovable, a treasure to be simply yearned over with wry wistfulness. Pub? Yeah, go on then.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 17th December 2017

Old rivalries are put aside and there's an auction in store for Becky and Andy, in this final-ever episode. Shall we ever see the like again? Deeply imbued with Englishness and English folk tradition (this series was inspired by a performance from folk sisters the Unthanks), yet without a shred of parochialism, this televisual seam of pure-spun gold has been a bucolic balm in an otherwise shrill world. Detectorists reminds us that nothing is ever truly lost.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 13th December 2017

Detectorists: We'll miss this gentle comedy gem

This week, with the UK under deep snowdrifts we bid farewell to the always summery Detectorists.

Sarah Kennedy, The Custard TV, 13th December 2017

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