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Series 2, Episode 2 - The American

Alfie is shocked by the arrival of a new teacher at Abbey Grove, Mr Schwimer, and even more shocked to learn that he will be taking over Alfie's own class.

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Bad Education. Image shows from L to R: Chantelle (Nikki Runeckles), Rem Dogg (Jack Binstead), Kevin Schwimer (Kyle Soller). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions

Alfie is shocked by the arrival of Mr Schwimer - a new teacher at Abbey Grove, and even more shocked to learn that Schwimer will be taking over his own class.

Desperately upset that his class seem to be having a great time and actually learning proper, real life GCSE history with their new teacher, Alfie is even more unhappy when he finds out which class Miss Pickwell has given him instead.

With Headmaster Fraser and Miss Gulliver both increasingly charmed by Mr Schwimer it is left to Alfie and Jing to uncover the truth behind this American imposter.


There's a joke about 9/11 in the scene where Jing tells Alfie what she's found out about Mr Schwimer. As this episode was first broadcast in September, it was originally cut.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 10th September 2013
BBC Three
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Layton Williams Stephen
Charlie Wernham Mitchell
Mathew Horne Fraser
Jack Whitehall Alfie
Sarah Solemani Miss Gulliver
Ethan Lawrence Joe
Nikki Runeckles Chantelle
Kae Alexander Jing
Jack Binstead Rem Dogg
Jack Bence Grayson
Michelle Gomez Pickwell
Guest cast
Kyle Soller Kevin Schwimer
Writing team
Jack Whitehall Writer
Freddy Syborn Writer
Simon Carlyle Script Editor
Jeremy Dyson Script Editor
Aiden Spackman Script Editor
Production team
Elliot Hegarty Director
Pippa Brown Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Ben Cavey Executive Producer
Jack Whitehall Associate Producer
Peter Oliver Editor
Dennis De Groot Production Designer
Vince Pope Composer


The Seduction of Pickwell

Alfie flirts with Miss Pickwell; will he succeed in getting her to share his onesie?

Featuring: Michelle Gomez (Pickwell) & Jack Whitehall (Alfie).

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