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Series 1, Episode 1 - Parents' Evening

Parents' evening is a nightmare unlike any other for Alfie, and today he's also got a pile of mock exams to mark before fierce deputy headmistress Pickwell fails his entire class.

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Bad Education. Image shows from L to R: Joe (Ethan Lawrence), Alfie (Jack Whitehall), Jing (Kae Alexander). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions

It is parents' evening at Abbey Grove School and Alfie is under pressure from the deputy headmistress Miss Pickwell to mark his mock exam papers, otherwise she will fail his whole class.

However, news that biology teacher Miss Gulliver has split from her boyfriend only serves to distract him as he becomes fixated with securing a date with her. But with the unpredictable headmaster Mr Fraser also keen to make a move on Miss Gulliver, Alfie resorts to desperate measures both to mark the papers and beat Fraser to a date.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 14th August 2012
BBC Three
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Layton Williams Stephen
Charlie Wernham Mitchell
Mathew Horne Fraser
Jack Whitehall Alfie
Sarah Solemani Miss Gulliver
Ethan Lawrence Joe
Nikki Runeckles Chantelle
Kae Alexander Jing
Jack Binstead Rem Dogg
Jack Bence Grayson
Michelle Gomez Pickwell
Leila Hoffman Mrs Mollinson
Guest cast
Rebecca Lacey Joe's Mum
Jemma Walker Chantelle's Mum
Writing team
Jack Whitehall Writer
Simon Carlyle Script Editor
Jeremy Dyson Script Editor
Ben Cavey Writer (Additional Material)
Jon Brown Script Editor
Production team
Ben Gosling Fuller Director
Pippa Brown Producer
Ben Cavey Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Sophie Clarke-Jervoise Executive Producer
Ben Blaine Editor
Chris Blaine Editor
Dennis De Groot Production Designer
Vince Pope Composer


Class Wars

It's time for 'Class Wars'. Alfie hopes that the lesson will distract attention away from the fact that all of his class will most probably, definitely have failed their mock exams.

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Featuring: Kae Alexander (Jing), Jack Binstead (Rem Dogg), Ethan Lawrence (Joe), Jack Whitehall (Alfie) & Layton Williams (Stephen).

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