Video clips

Carmichael's drama class

Mr Carmicheal finds himself on the wrong end of kid's pop culture references as his pupils re-enact superhero fights for drama class. But really, can you blame him?

Boxing match prep

Mitchell and Carmichael put Class K through their paces, as they prepare for a boxing match against Fraser's protégé - but who will be chosen to step into the ring?

Series 5 trailer

Bad Education is back for another term filled with attitude and drama.

Stephen is haunted

With the help of ghostly friends past, present and future, Stephen makes an important decision about his career at Abbey Grove.

School party

Take the biggest night out of the year, throw in some teenagers, booze, and irresponsible teachers - what do you get? Bad Education has the answer for you.

Big Night In sketch

Alfie is back for The Big Night In to give top tips for home schooling. He's helped by Mr Fraser and Anthony Joshua.

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