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Series 2, Episode 3 - Managers

The boys meet some potential managers, including scary Jordan.

Further details

The boys sign the management deal and now need to pick a manager, so Coleen arranges for them to meet with a bunch of candidates who they find underwhelming - and then there is Jordan, whose brutal honesty is too hard for them to take. However, following the boys' chaotic and disastrous meeting with potential manager Ivan, Jordan saves the day.

Meanwhile, Sasha is trying to salvage GHF's reputation with a press exclusive and Chloe, feeling sidelined by the Wonderland, re-engages with Luke and Cooper.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 30th October 2019
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 12th November 2019 5:00pm CBBC
Tuesday 12th November 2019 8:00pm CBBC
Sunday 17th November 2019 7:35pm CBBC
Monday 2nd December 2019 10:20am CBBC
Tuesday 24th December 2019 11:05am CBBC
Saturday 4th January 2020 12:50pm CBBC
Thursday 30th January 2020 12:55pm CBBC
Sunday 23rd February 2020 7:40pm CBBC
Saturday 21st March 2020 3:50pm CBBC
Thursday 26th March 2020 2:35pm CBBC
Monday 11th May 2020 1:20pm CBBC
Thursday 2nd July 2020 12:15pm CBBC
Monday 27th July 2020 1:45pm CBBC
Sunday 16th August 2020 5:50pm CBBC
Wednesday 26th August 2020 12:20pm CBBC
Tuesday 29th September 2020 12:35pm CBBC
Tuesday 17th November 2020 1:00pm CBBC
Thursday 17th December 2020 1:30pm CBBC
Thursday 14th January 2021 1:05pm CBBC
Friday 19th February 2021 12:50pm CBBC
Monday 2nd August 2021 2:20pm CBBC

Cast & crew

Nathaniel Dass Nate
Oakley Orchard Oakley
Harry Still Harry
Tillie Amartey Chloe
Kimberly Wyatt Sasha
Emily Atack Meg
Colin Hoult AJ
Aston Merrygold Jordan
Zina Badran Anika
Simran Rakar Molly
Imogen Chadwick Elena
Ryan Early Dan
Tyra Rayne (as Tyra Richardson) Tyra
Luke Fetherston Fabio
Miriam Nyarko Miri
Lola Moxom Lola
Lilly Stanion Lilly
Michelle Gayle Coleen
Guest cast
Luke Scott Luke
Cooper Stout Cooper
Shane Convery Journalist
Patrick Fitzsymons Ivan
Writing team
Paul Rose Writer
Jack Casey Writer (Additional Material)
Jeremy Salsby Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Jack Casey Director
Melissa Hardinge Executive Producer
Jeremy Salsby Executive Producer
Jed Leventhall Executive Producer
Charlene Farrell Line Producer
Tim Hegarty Executive Music Producer
Tara Finegan Executive Music Producer
Jon Dean Editor
Mark Williams Editor
Amelia Shankland Production Designer
Ana Magarao Production Designer
Rob Kelly Casting Director
Mandy Cole Costume Designer
Angus Mitchell Director of Photography
Roo Maurice Make-up Designer
Marcos D'Cruze Composer
Ale Marti Composer
Maria Mulhall 1st Assistant Director

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