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8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

  • TV panel show
  • Channel 4
  • 2012 - 2024
  • 157 episodes (24 series)

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats regulars play the famous words and numbers quiz with the help of guests. Stars Jimmy Carr, Robert Deaton, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson, Rachel Riley and more.

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2013 Specials - 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Deal Or No Deal

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats team - Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson and Sean Lock - hijack an episode of Deal or No Deal.

Further details

Before the show starts, there's a sketch involving Noel Edmonds and Derren Brown.

Jimmy Carr acts as host for the hour, with Sean Lock and Jon Richardson playing the one game together, with the deal being that any money they won would be split between their chosen charities.

Joe Wilkinson, dressed in a suit, appeared periodically as the Banker's assistant.

This is the order in which they played the game, and the name of the comedian looking after each box...

Box 7: Matt Forde. £3,000.

Box 2: Mia Cross (Jon's friend). £500.

Box 13: Katherine Ryan. £1,000.

Box 19: Nick Helm. £10,000.

Box 5: John Robins. £20,000.

Banker's Offer: £6,500

Box 9: Mark Olver. £75,000.

Box 6: Gemma Collins (from TOWIE). £15,000.

Box 15: Andy Smart. £1.

Banker's Offer: £7,800

Box 20: John Fothergill. 1p.

Box 4: Dave Johns. £250,000.

Box 21: Holly Walsh. £50.

Banker's Offer: £7,800

Box 1: Nicola Adams (Olympic boxer). £50,000.

Box 10: Alice Levine (Radio 1 DJ). 50p.

Box 3: Nong Skett (DonD £250k winner). £250.

Banker's Offer: £9,000 and Nong's phone number for Jon

Box 16: Susie Dent (from Countdown). £100.

Box 14: Elis James. £5.

Box 8: Corinne Davies (DoND 1p loser): £10.

Banker's Offer: £18,000

Box 18: Tony Law. £35,000.

Box 17: Stephen Frost. £750.

Box 22: Rachel Riley (from Countdown). £5,000.

Banker's Offer: £32,000. DEAL

In Jon & Sean's Box: 10p.

Un-opened Box 11: Rob Beckett. £100,000.

Broadcast details

Friday 4th January 2013
Channel 4
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 6th January 2013 2:40am 4seven
Monday 28th January 2013 10:00pm C4
Tuesday 29th January 2013 10:00pm 4seven
Wednesday 30th January 2013 11:05pm 4seven
Friday 1st February 2013 12:05am 4seven

Cast & crew

Jimmy Carr Host / Presenter
Sean Lock Self
Jon Richardson Self
Rachel Riley Self
Susie Dent Self
Joe Wilkinson Self
John Pohlhammer Announcer
Guest cast
Nicola Adams Self
Gemma Collins Self
Mia Cross Self
Corinne Davies Self
Matt Forde Self
John Fothergill Self
Stephen Frost Self
Nick Helm Self
Elis James Self
Dave Johns Self
Tony Law Self
Alice Levine Self
Mark Olver Self
John Robins Self
Nong Skett Self
Andy Smart Self
Rob Beckett Self
Holly Walsh Self
Katherine Ryan Self
Writing team
Jimmy Carr Writer (Additional Material)
Dominic English Writer (Additional Material)
Lee Stuart Evans Writer (Additional Material)
Matt Forde Writer (Additional Material)
Kevin Day Writer (Additional Material)
Shaun Pye Writer (Additional Material)
Christine Rose Writer (Additional Material)
Phil Kerr Writer (Additional Material)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material)
Charlie Skelton Script Editor
Production team
Ollie Bartlett Director
Richard Cohen Series Producer
Adam Hutchinson Producer
Richard Osman Executive Producer
Ruth Phillips Executive Producer
Lisa Kirk Edit Producer
Jim Connolly Series Producer
Richard Hague Executive Producer
Glenn Hugill Executive Producer
Cas Casey Editor
Rudi Thackray Production Designer
Mat Osman Composer
Jonathan Paul Green (as Jonathan Green) Production Designer
Augustin Bousfield Composer

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