Episode 2.4 - Mel Giedroyc and Chris Addison

Stand-up Chris Addison and one half of Mel and Sue - Mel Giedroyc, act as the judges for tonight's show. Ideas include a machine that can simulate a person's handshake to a discreet device for fixing wedgies.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers


- A machine that will measure and record your handshake so that you can use it to perfect your handshake. Genius


Ideas selected from a random light which shines on a random member of the audience.

- Improve coverage of the Olympics by have an extra lane which would feature an average member of the public in it. Genius

- An aftershave which displays the intelligence of the wearer. Genius

- A soft drink market for the people of Congleton called "Um Bongleton". Genius

Videoed and Illustrated Ideas

- Resurface all of Britain's roads with fitted carpet. Not a genius

- House hats to reflect what was inside. Not a genius

- Pre-flavoured meats so you do not need to add herbs and spices. Not a genius

- Handles for coins. Genius

- Dust-buster cars to clean up the roads. Genius

- Ride-on vacuum cleaners. Genius

Ideas with Prototypes

- Cheese slice dispensers. Not a genius

Ideas concerning Intimate Female Body Parts

- Baby dummies shaped like a breast. Not a genius

- Weighing scales for breasts, so breastfeeding mothers would know which breast had the most milk. Not a genius

- An anti-wedgie device to stop your underpants getting into your backside. Genius

Final ideas

- Save the polar bears by establishing a breeding colony on Jupiter's icy moon Europa. Genius

- Playgrounds for pensioners. Genius

- Get a large sheet of blue plastic with grey edging and fool Google Maps into thinking you have a swimming pool in your back garden. Genius

- Super cooling pants to keep testicles cool during spells of global warming. Genius

- Canary badminton. Not a genius

First Broadcast Details

Mon 18th October 2010
1.22 million viewers (5.9% audience share)
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sun 24th Oct 2010 (11:40pm, BBC2)

Episode 2.4 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Dave Gorman (I) ... Host / Presenter
Guest Cast
Mel Giedroyc ... Guest
Chris Addison ... Guest
Production Team
John L Spencer ... Director
Simon Nicholls ... Producer
Ali Bryer Carron ... Producer
Paul Schlesinger ... Exec Producer
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Nick Peto ... Editor
Gareth Jones (I)
(as Grandmaster Gareth)
... Composer

Video Clip From This Episode

The Knicker-Crack Remover

Dave Gorman reveals a novel way to remove a wedgie to Chris Addison & Mel Giedroyc. This involves the guests getting up close and personal with a man's pants.

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Mel Giedroyc, Chris Addison.

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