Episode 1.5 - Germaine Greer

Author, feminist and critic Germaine Greer judges whether or not the public's ideas are "Genuis or Not".

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers


- Fruit machine ATMs: Not genius

- Female-only votes that redress the balance of history: Winning genius

- Onionade as a drink: Not genius

- Randomising the days of the week by lottery: Genius

- Bars for women, with resident cat hosts: Not genius

Red Button Extras

- An out-take involving a lamp.

- Rejected ideas: A magazine rack that can fit underneath a mattress; Decision making slippers that tell you what to do; a "Uncle Easter" similar to Father Christmas; Make the word "Knickers" singular and "Bra" plural; Water-proof karaoke machines for singing in the shower; Apple-flavoured, apple-shaped pears; "Not in service" signs for hearses so that you know you can overtake; Everyone should take their turn when it comes to laying the table; Make car bumpers magnetic and have the front and back bumpers have opposing polarities, so that cars would repel each other and thus reduce car crashes; All urine should be collected, treated and recycled back into water rather than being flushed down toilets - "I'm not sure what to do with the poo yet".

- An extended edition of the lottery week system, featuring an actual lottery and the voice of Alan Dedicoat.

First Broadcast Details

Fri 24th April 2009
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Thu 4th Mar 2010 (10:00pm, Dave)
  • Sat 17th Jul 2010 (7:40pm, Dave)
  • Sat 18th Dec 2010 (7:40pm, Dave)
  • Fri 2nd Sep 2011 (11:20am, Dave)
  • Sat 1st Oct 2011 (2:40pm, Dave)

Episode 1.5 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Dave Gorman (I) ... Host / Presenter
Guest Cast
Germaine Greer ... Guest
Production Team
John L Spencer ... Director
Simon Nicholls ... Producer
Ali Bryer Carron ... Exec Producer
Armando Iannucci ... Exec Producer
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Mark Lawrence ... Editor
Nick Peto ... Editor

Video Clip From This Episode

Onion Juice

Dave Gorman and Germaine Greer sample some fizzy onion juice.

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Germaine Greer.

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