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Doc Martin. Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes). Image credit: Buffalo Pictures.

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Doc Martin

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Comedy drama following the trials and tribulations of a socially challenged surgeon turned GP working in Cornwall. Stars Martin Clunes

Dr Martin; Doctor Martin
Comedy Drama
2004 - 2015  (ITV)
54 (7 series)
Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice, Joe Absolom, Selina Cadell, John Marquez, Eileen Atkins, Jessica Ransom, Robyn Addison, Emily Bevan, Ella Ainsworth & more
Dominic Minghella, Charlie Martin, John Regier, Kirstie Falkous, Jack Lothian, Richard Stoneman, Edana Minghella, Nick Vivian, Ben Bolt, Keith Temple, Chris Hurford
Buffalo Pictures
& Homerun Productions

Martin Clunes stars in this traditional and very popular family comedy drama as the socially challenged GP working in a sleepy Cornish hamlet.

After developing a phobia of blood, specialist vascular surgeon Martin Ellingham is forced into a change of career. He may have re-trained as a GP, but he still retains the aloof and tactless manner that presumably took him to specialist surgery in the first place. When he's unleashed on the sleepy Cornish fishing village of Portwenn, the inhabitants are in for a shock - they're more likely to receive cold-blooded diagnoses and personal insults than tea and sympathy.

Things do not start well. On an initial visit, he greatly disconcerts local teacher Louisa Glasson, who he then finds is on the health board that will either accept or reject him as the new doctor. Luckily she is won over. Later, Martin and Louisa fall in love and eventually - after a few false starts - get married.

Series 7: Martin and Louisa married in the last series, but their marital harmony was short lived. After a life-threatening incident, Louisa decided to take their son James Henry to stay with her mother in Spain while they try to work out their problems.