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Doc Martin. Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes). Copyright: Buffalo Pictures / Homerun Productions.

Doc Martin (2004)

ITV comedy drama. 54 episodes (7 series), 2004 - 2015. Stars Martin Clunes, Stephanie Cole, Katherine Parkinson, Stewart Wright, Tristan Sturrock, Lucy Punch, Jeff Rawle and others.

Series 8 expected in the autumn of 2017.
Series 7, Episode 7 is repeated on ITV3 on Friday at 8pm

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Martin Clunes Dr Martin Ellingham (General Practioner)
Stephanie Cole Joan Norton (Series 1-4)
Katherine Parkinson Pauline Lamb (Receptionist) (Series 2-4)
Stewart Wright PC Mark Mylow (Policeman) (Series 1-2)
Tristan Sturrock Danny Steel (Builder) (Series 2)
Lucy Punch Elaine Denham (Receptionist) (Series 1)
Jeff Rawle Roger Fenn (Series 1-3)
Mary Woodvine Joy Cronk (Series 1-2)
Kurtis O'Brien Peter Cronk (Series 1-2)
Angeline Ball Julie Mitchell (Series 2)
Joseph Morgan Mick Mabley (Series 3)
Lia Williams Edith Montgomery (Series 4)
Louise Jameson Eleanor (Series 5)
Caroline Catz Louisa Glasson (Teacher)
Ian McNeice Bert Large (Plumber & Restaurant Owner)
Joe Absolom Al Large (Plumber & Restaurant Owner)
Selina Cadell Mrs Tishell (Pharmacist)
John Marquez PC Penhale (Policeman) (Series 3-7)
Eileen Atkins Aunt Ruth Ellingham (Series 5-7)
Jessica Ransom Morwenna Newcross (Series 5-7)
Robyn Addison Janice (Series 7)
Emily Bevan Dr Rachel Timoney (Series 7)
Ella Ainsworth Becky Trevean (Series 7)
Felix Scott Mike Pruddy (Series 6)
Annabelle Apsion Jennifer Cardew (Series 6)
Writing team
Dominic Minghella Writer (Series 1-3)
Charlie Martin Writer (Series 6-7)
John Regier Writer (Series 1-3)
Kirstie Falkous Writer (Series 1-3)
Jack Lothian Writer
Richard Stoneman Writer (Series 2-7)
Edana Minghella Writer (Series 2)
Nick Vivian Writer (Series 3)
Ben Bolt Writer (Series 3-4 & 6)
Keith Temple Writer (Series 3)
Chris Hurford Writer (Series 5)
Tom Butterworth Writer (Series 5)
Robert Leedham Script Editor (Series 1-5)
Claire Poulson Script Editor (Series 6)
Evie Bergson (as Evie Bergson-Korn) Script Editor (Series 7)
Lindsay Sharp Script Editor (Series 7)
Production team
Ben Bolt Director (Series 1-5)
Minkie Spiro Director (Series 2 & 4)
Paul Seed Director (Series 5-6)
Nigel Cole Director (Series 6-7)
Ben Gregor Director (Series 7)
Philippa Braithwaite Producer
Mark Crowdy Exec Producer
Andrew Purcell Production Designer (Series 1-4)
Anthony Ainsworth Production Designer
Jane Broomfield Production Designer (Series 2-6)
Colin Towns Composer
Nick McPhee Editor
Dave King Editor (Series 5-6)
Sandy Poustie Associate Producer (Series 7)

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