Episode 1.5 - Becoming Zoe & My Former Self

Amusing stories for adults, read by Richard Hammond and Jessica Hynes. A postman reads his crush's mail to learn what makes her tick and a woman meets her eight-year-old self.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Richard Hammond reads Becoming Zoe by Simon Judd and Alex Carter.

An unremarkable postman turns himself into the perfect boyfriend for a girl he has fallen in love with by reading her mail and absorbing all her interests.

Jessica Hynes reads My Former Self by Holly Walsh.

A woman is visited by her eight year-old self but lies about her life so she doesn't repeat the same mistakes.

First Broadcast Details

Wed 11th December 2013
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sat 26th Apr 2014 (11:00pm, Dave)
  • Sun 27th Apr 2014 (2:30am, Dave)
  • Thu 18th Sep 2014 (Midnight, Dave)
  • Sun 22nd Feb 2015 (3:30am, Dave)

Episode 1.5 Cast & Crew

Guest Cast
Martha Howe-Douglas ... Anna
Joan Linder ... Old Anna
Steve Oram ... Keith (Postman)
Cassie Powney ... Zoe
Connie Powney ... Zoe
Natalie Tidder ... Young Anna
Richard Hammond ... Host / Presenter
Jessica Hynes ... Host / Presenter
Writing Team
Holly Walsh ... Writer
Simon Judd ... Writer
Alex Carter ... Writer
Production Team
Richard Pengelley ... Director
Arnold Widdowson ... Producer
Ben Cavey ... Exec Producer
Andrew Brereton
(as Andy Brereton)
... Exec Producer
Mo Holden ... Production Design
Waen Shepherd ... Composer
Mark Sangster ... Editor
Other Cast / Crew
Jerry Forder ... Animation Director

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