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British Radio Comedies - On Air Now

BBC New Comedy Award

BBC New Comedy Award

Returns: Fri 12th Sep @ 10:30pm, BBC R4E.

Nearly 800 budding stand-ups applied. Hear how some of the contestants g... Guide

The Brig Society

Brig Society, The

Next on: Fri 22nd Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Marcus has grasped the bull by the horns and become a farmer... Guide  Catch-Up

The Cold Swedish Winter

Cold Swedish Winter, The

Next on: Mon 25th Aug @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Geoff is forced to lead the Maypole dancing at Yxsjo's midsu... Guide  Catch-Up

Comic Fringes

Comic Fringes

Next on: Sun 24th Aug @ 7:45pm, Radio 4.

Irish comedian Grainne Maguire reads her alternative fairyta... Guide  Catch-Up

Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

Next on: Wed 27th Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

The classic and award-winning impressions show is back for t... Guide  Catch-Up

Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk

Next on: Sat 23rd Aug @ 11am, Five Live.

Georgie Thompson is joined by guests including Dougie Anders... Guide  Catch-Up

The Future Of Radio

Future Of Radio, The

A current comedy programme.

Radio 4 comedy by Jerome Vincent and Stephen Dinsdale about ... Guide  Catch-Up

The Guns Of Adam Riches

Guns Of Adam Riches, The

Next on: Tue 26th Aug @ 11pm, Radio 4.

The continuing story of Mastermind, a blind megalomaniac looking for lov... Guide



Returns: Wed 27th Aug @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Dan Antopolski, Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema combine their talents to pi... Guide

Just A Minute

Just A Minute

Next on: Mon 25th Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Sue Perkins, Gyles Brandreth and Paul Merton try to talk on ... Guide  Catch-Up

Little Lifetimes By Jenny Eclair

Little Lifetimes By Jenny Eclair

Next on: Wed 27th Aug @ 11:15pm, Radio 4.

A lonely woman takes a peek into other people's properties a... Guide  Catch-Up

MacAulay And Co

MacAulay And Co

Next on: Fri 22nd Aug @ 10:30am, Radio Scot.

Fred MacAulay brings us the pick of the best comedy from the... Guide  Catch-Up

My First Planet

My First Planet

Next on: Mon 25th Aug @ 9:30am, BBC R4E.

What better time for social media to kick in than on a dange... Guide  Catch-Up



Returns: Thu 25th Sep @ 10:30pm, BBC R4E.

The topical sketch show returns. Guide

The Now Show

Now Show, The

Returns: Fri 12th Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

With Steve Punt, Jon Holmes, Mitch Benn, Laura Shavin and special guests... Guide

Passing On

Passing On

Next on: Fri 22nd Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio Wales.

Rhys loses his mother's ashes whilst 'tidying' his house. Guide  Catch-Up

The Show What You Wrote

Show What You Wrote, The

Next on: Thu 21st Aug @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Another episode of the themed sketch show made entirely from... Guide  Catch-Up



Returns: Wed 3rd Sep @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Gyles Brandreth and Natalie Haynes are joined by Lloyd Langford, Holly W... Guide

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  • Eamon, Older Brother Of Jesus
  • Earls Of The Court
  • Eastern Mix
  • Ectoplasm
  • Ed Reardon's Week
  • Eddie Izzard - Definite Article
  • Eddie Izzard - Glorious
  • Eddie Izzard - Sexie
  • Eddie Izzard - Unrepeatable
  • Eddie Izzard: Circle
  • Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill
  • Edge Falls
  • Educated Evans

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  • Uncle Mort's North Country
  • Uncle Mort's South Country
  • Undone
  • Unnatural Acts

 V   (Radio Only)

  • Very World Of Milton Jones, The
  • Vic Reeves' House Arrest
  • Victor Lewis-Smith
  • Vital Statistics

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  • Young Postmen, The

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