This Is Jinsy. Image shows from L to R: Maven (Justin Chubb), Sporall (Chris Bran). Copyright: The Welded Tandem Picture Company
This Is Jinsy

This Is Jinsy

  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic / BBC Three
  • 2010 - 2014
  • 17 episodes (2 series)

Surreal comedy set on a fictional island inhabited by a range of oddball characters. Created by Chris Bran and Justin Chubb. Stars Justin Chubb, Chris Bran, Alice Lowe, Geoffrey McGivern, Janine Duvitski and more.

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This Is Jinsy instantly created a world true only to it

This Is Jinsy pulled off the trick of turning its multifarious influences into something that felt fresh and new.

Keith Watson, Metro, 20th September 2011

The gist, broadly, is this: Jinsy (population 971) is stuck somewhere in the 1970s, governed by Arbiter Maven - whose nasal hairs offer insights into the future - and populated by means of a random televised "marriage lottery". It is brilliantly done. The world that's been created is genuinely surreal, with its televised punishment round-ups, bizarre clothing and odd religion, which sees residents don cupboards in a mistaken attempt to welcome the messiah. It's part Yellow Submarine, part Hitchhiker's Guide, part League of Gentlemen. Written by its two stars, Justin Chubb and Chris Bran, it offers a slice of oddball humour quite unlike anything else to be found.

Alice-Azania Jarvis, The Independent, 20th September 2011

Although the pilot was a BBC affair, this new comedy series arrives on Sky. Created by and starring comedians/music video directors Chris Bran and Justin Chubb, it's set on the isolated fictional isle of Jinsy. It's all about silly situations and funny wordplay, more like The Goons and Stanley Unwin than Little Britain. Its good supporting cast includes Alice Lowe (Darkplace), Harry Hill and even David Tennant.

Phelim O'Neill, The Guardian, 19th September 2011

Words can't adequately describe this gloriously eccentric new British sitcom - you'll just have to see it for yourself.

But imagine Monty Python, The League of Gentlemen, George Orwell's 1984 and An Island Parish in a blender - along with some spectacularly cheap scenery - and you'll start to get an idea.

It's written by and stars the previously unknown pair of Chris Bran and Justin Chubb (where have they been all our lives?), and is set on the tiny fictional island of Jinsy.

The island is dotted with devices called tesselators that look like those money-in-the slot viewing machines you find on the end of the pier.

These act as two-way CCTV, where folk can see what's going on and also be spied on by the island's fussy arbiter Maven and his assistant Sporall.

The constant flow of surreal ideas and sight gags lends this a sketch-show quality in parts.

There are hilarious folk songs, photo-copying owls and Harry Hill in drag as Joon Boolay presenting the island's weekly Punishment Round-up.

But in the first episode of tonight's double bill, the big draw sees guest star David Tennant playing local celebrity Mr Slightlyman - the master of the balls in the regular wedding lottery.

Peter Serafinowicz is just as fabulous as an evangelical cupboard salesman in the second episode.

A pilot for This Is Jinsy was screened on BBC Three in March last year, but they foolishly failed to pick it up for a full series and it's now on Sky Atlantic.

The show is directed by Matt Lipsey of Psychoville and Little Britain fame.

Well, I hope BBC Three is kicking itself right now because this has got cult classic written all over it.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 19th September 2011

Imagine Terry Gilliam and the Zucker brothers co-directing a remake of The Wicker Man starring Stanley Unwin and Flight of the Conchords. You're now about a seventh of the way to appreciating the silly, knobbly magic of This Is Jinsy. It's a secret club you must join.

Set on the musty, muddy-brown island of Jinsy, it stars its previously unknown writers Justin Chubb and Chris Bran as Maven, the community's fussing "arbiter", and his sensible sidekick Sporall. They're a classic sitcom duo but little else is familiar in this bumper hamper of visual gags, twisted characters and fantastic parodies of 1960s folk-pop.

The opening double bill features David Tennant as a flamboyant game show host, and Peter Serafinowicz as a cupboard salesman.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 19th September 2011

Preview: This is Jinsy (Sky Atlantic)

If Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer made The League Of Gentlemen, it may have resulted in something similar to Sky's latest homespun comedy, the peculiar This Is Jinsy. Or perhaps if Terry Pratchett was asked to write a lighthearted version of The Wicker Man?

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 19th September 2011

This Is Jinsy. Welcome...

How two unknowns created one of the year's best comedies - and why most people won't see it.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 19th September 2011

This is Jinsy preview

The island of Jinsy is the setting for This is Jinsy, a comedy due to start on Sky Atlantic on Monday 19 September 2011 and guest starring David Tennant.

Steve Rogerson, Suite 101, 18th September 2011

'This Is Jinsy' air date announced

Sky Atlantic HD's first original comedy, This Is Jinsy, will begin on Monday 19 September with a double bill from 10.10pm.

Pip Ellwood, Entertainment Focus, 31st August 2011

First pics of Catherine Tate in This Is Jinsy released

The first pics of Catherine Tate's guest appearance on This Is Jinsy have been released.

Such Small Portions, 17th August 2011

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