One Foot In The Grave. Image shows from L to R: Margaret Meldrew (Annette Crosbie), Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson). Copyright: BBC
One Foot In The Grave

One Foot In The Grave

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1990 - 2000
  • 42 episodes (6 series)

The grumpy complainer and accident prone Victor Meldrew takes early retirement and finds he has far too much time on his hands. His long suffering wife and neighbours just have to grin and bear it. Stars Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Doreen Mantle, Owen Brenman, Angus Deayton and Janine Duvitski

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Series 6, Episode 4 - Threatening Weather

Plunged into darkness after a power cut on a sweltering summer night, Victor and Margaret reflect on their lives, hopes and fears.

Further details

There's been a power cut in the area on the hottest day of the year, leaving the Meldrews in total darkness and unbearable heat. This gives Victor the perfect opportunity to have an extended whinging session about many issues of the current time, such as self-assembly furniture, someone stubbing out a cigarette on his cap, and a dinner party they're going to host the next evening.

A fly keeps on irritating Victor's ear, and he attempts to cool down with a liquid spray, by lying on the floor (reasoning that heat rises), and attempts to stave off boredom by listening to an audiobook on a battery-operated tape player, all with little luck. Margaret is trying to cope with the situation by reading her book but she can never read more than a few lines before Victor distracts her with further torrential anger. There's a brief moment of excitement comes when the power resumes, but disappears again only seconds later.

More joy is brought to the house when an elderly, grossly obese, incontinent neighbour has to visit after his wife suffers a suspected stroke and must be taken to hospital. At least the company might prove a nice change...

Broadcast details

Monday 6th November 2000
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Richard Wilson Victor Meldrew
Annette Crosbie Margaret Meldrew
Guest cast
Roy Hudd Mr. Smedley
Writing team
David Renwick Writer
Production team
Christine Gernon Director
Jonathan Paul Llewellyn (as Jonathan P. Llewellyn) Producer
Mark Lawrence Editor
Linda Conoboy Production Designer
Jacky Levy Costume Designer
Vanessa White Make-up Designer
Chris Kempton (as Christopher Kempton) Lighting Designer
Eric Idle Composer
Ed Welch Composer
Julia Smith Lighting Designer
Katie Thompstone 1st Assistant Director

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