One Foot In The Grave. Image shows from L to R: Margaret Meldrew (Annette Crosbie), Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson). Copyright: BBC.

One Foot In The Grave

BBC One sitcom about an old man. 42 episodes (6 series), 1990 - 2000. Stars Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Doreen Mantle, Owen Brenman and others.

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Richard Wilson didn't want to play older man in OFITG

It's been 20 years since Britain's most popular grump, Victor Meldrew, was killed off in the final episode of the hit BBC sitcom. Two decades on, the stars reflect on the comedy classic One Foot In The Grave.

Richard Webber, The Mirror, 27th August 2020

The story behind One Foot In The Grave's finest hour

Thirty years after David Renwick brought cringe comedy to the masses with One Foot In The Grave. Tom Fordy looks at the making of his masterpiece: The Trial.

Tom Fordy, The Telegraph, 3rd January 2020

"I don't believe it!" Britain's favourite catchphrase

Victor Meldrew's infamous catchphrase "I don't believe it!" has been voted the nation's favourite of all time. "Don't Panic!" from Dad's Army came third, with the second being "Simples" from the Compare the Market adverts.

Grant Bailey, Metro, 30th September 2019

Stars on life haunted by their catchphrases

How do actors cope with having their defining line shouted at them in the streets - for decades? Richard Wilson, Maureen Lipman and Tony Robinson tell all.

Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian, 23rd July 2019

The Top 10 British sitcoms of the 90s

The 1990s were a period of renewed confidence in the UK. The economy continued to boom and Blair's huge majority made 'Cool Britannia' a phenomenon. Oasis and Blur fought it out as most influential band, and the Spice Girls were everywhere. What a time to be alive! Sitcoms didn't disappoint either, and offered a rich variety.

Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus, 13th May 2019

One Foot in the Grave to return?

Annette teased: "I wouldn't mind it all being a bad dream and he's not dead."

What's On TV, 12th November 2018

Gallery: 20 politically incorrect 'modern' comedies

Here are 20 recent comedies that wouldn't have been green-lit today.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 17th October 2017

Victor Meldrew role almost went to Les Dawson

One Foot in the Grave actor Richard Wilson reveals he originally turned down the part, thinking he was too young to play the cantankerous grump.

John Plunkett, The Guardian, 26th July 2016

One Foot In The Grave's Victor Meldrew to return

Richard Wilson is to revive his famous One Foot In The Grave character Victor Meldrew for a two-week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

British Comedy Guide, 17th April 2016

Richard Wilson: "I've missed being Victor Meldrew"

Richard Wilson was in his mid-50s when he first played Victor Meldrew, the mischief-making misanthrope of TV's One Foot in the Grave, 25 years ago. At the time he felt he was too young to play a grumpy old man. Now, on the cusp of 80, Wilson has decided to play Victor once more for a limited run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Nick Smurthwaite, The Stage, 21st March 2016