No Offence. Image shows from L to R: D.I. Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan), D.S. Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach). Copyright: AbbottVision.

No Offence

Channel 4 comedy drama about a group of police. 21 episodes (3 series), 2015 - 2018. Stars Joanna Scanlan, Alexandra Roach, Elaine Cassidy, Paul Ritter and others.

No Offence. Dennis Caddy (Neil Maskell). Copyright: AbbottVision.

Series 3, Episode 6

Beckett's death leads the team with no option but to go after the Mayor herself and they put a spectacular plan in motion to bring her down once and for all. But the team's ingenious strategy is threatened when one of their own is kidnapped.

Broadcast details

Thursday 18th October 2018
Channel 4
60 minutes


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    Cast & crew

    Regular cast
    Joanna Scanlan D.I. Vivienne Deering
    Elaine Cassidy D.C. Dinah Kowalska
    Paul Ritter Randolph Miller
    Will Mellor D.C. Spike Tanner
    Ste Johnston P.C. Jonah Mitchell
    Tom Varey P.C. Stuart O'Connell
    Saira Choudhry P.C. Tegan Thompson
    Conor MacNeill Gavin Nuttle
    Claire Rushbrook D.C.I. Marilyn Merchant
    Neil Maskell Dennis Caddy
    Tamara Lawrance Bonnie Sands
    Sharon Rooney Faye Caddy
    Lisa McGrillis Caroline McCoy
    Darren Connolly Joseph Beckett
    Guest cast
    Nigel Lindsay DCI Terry Taylor
    Amy Dolan Christine Sedaka
    Luke Westlake Dean Wayne
    Tom Bennett Charma Sedaka
    Angela Curran Ruby
    Scott Jenkinson Cameron Caddy
    Jack Hartley Lad
    Samuel Edward-Taylor Spotter
    Writing team
    Paul Abbott Writer
    May Anderson Script Editor
    Production team
    Misha Manson-Smith Director
    Philip Leach Producer
    Martin Carr Executive Producer
    Paul Abbott Executive Producer
    Paul Coe Executive Producer
    Joe Sawyer Editor
    David Fisher Editor
    David Butterworth Production Designer
    Vince Pope Composer


    Series three of the Manchester cop drama concludes with an episode that variously features an outrageously tasteless - and funny - medical emergency played out in a toilet ("Can we cover that up before we zap him?"), one of the team properly in danger and, at the finish, a real emotional kick. This is still quite the best police procedural around thanks to Paul Abbott's writing, and its fine ensemble cast, headed by the fabulous Joanna Scanlan as DI Viv Deering, a study in street-smart cynicism tempered by rough charm.

    Jonathan Wright, The Guardian, 18th October 2018

    No Offence: a distasteful end to a promising series

    Far too many films and TV shows exploit rape as a dramatic device. Anarchic police procedural No Offence (Channel 4) concluded with not one but two such sexual violence storylines in a confused and misfiring finale.

    Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 18th October 2018

    Review: No Offence, series 3, episode 6

    Nobody imploded, nobody got shredded by a helicopter blade and the deftness of touch this time round offers a new twist in a show that is willing to evolve and astound.

    Matt, The Custard TV, 18th October 2018