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No Offence. Image shows from L to R: D.I. Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan), D.S. Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach). Copyright: AbbottVision
No Offence

No Offence

  • TV comedy drama
  • Channel 4
  • 2015 - 2018
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

Comedy drama created by Paul Abbott which follows a police team who are trying to keep Manchester's streets clean of crime. Stars Joanna Scanlan, Alexandra Roach, Elaine Cassidy, Paul Ritter, Will Mellor and more.

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Series 1, Episode 4

The Friday Street team uncover a scam encouraging people in debt to sell their kidneys on the black market, while the search for another girl abducted by the serial killer leads to a vital breakthrough in the case.

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No Offence. Image shows from L to R: D.I. Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan), D.S. Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach). Copyright: AbbottVision

The Friday Street team have been up all night searching for the latest missing girl, Teresa, knowing they only have limited time to save her. Her secret diary, written in a code, may contain a key to the killer, and the cops enlist the help of best friend Olivia to de-code it.

When a man walks in front of a car in a deliberate act of suicide Jonah and Taz must break the sad news to the suicide victim's mother - where they discover the man's wife lying dead in her bed upstairs. Upon Miller's inspection it's clear she's recently undergone an operation and hadn't received proper aftercare, dying from the infected wound. This doesn't look like an official operation at all...

Broadcast details

Tuesday 26th May 2015
Channel 4
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Joanna Scanlan D.I. Vivienne Deering
Alexandra Roach D.S. Joy Freers
Elaine Cassidy D.C. Dinah Kowalska
Paul Ritter Randolph Miller
Will Mellor D.C. Spike Tanner
Ste Johnston P.C. Jonah Mitchell
Neet Mohan P.C. Taz Ahmed
Tom Varey P.C. Stuart O'Connell
Saira Choudhry P.C. Tegan Thompson
Charlie May-Clark Cathy Calvert
Kate O'Flynn Dr. Peep
Hannah Walters Connie Ball
Mia Blakeley Tessa Kowalska
Ben Tavassoli Alpha
Risteard Cooper (as Risteárd Cooper) Laurie Gaskell
Peter McDonald Patrick Llewellyn
Guest cast
Steve Cooper Colin Adamson
Chris Donnelly Driver
Sandra Huggett Susan Adamson
Judith Barker Mrs Braysher
Joanne Finney Olivia Bacon
Adam Stevens Journo Jim
James Nelson-Joyce Franny Lowry
Agnes Pure Polish Girl
Emmett J Scanlan Andrew Curtis
Jordan Murphy Angry Boyfriend
Charlotte Hunter Scared Girlfriend
David Proud Roland Stubbs
Kaye Wragg Alison Carey
Philip McGinley Bob Simmons
Writing team
Toby Bentley Script Editor
Jack Lothian Writer
Production team
Misha Manson-Smith Director
Anna Ferguson Series Producer
Simon Meyers Producer
Martin Carr Executive Producer
Paul Abbott Executive Producer
Lois Bygrave Editor
Tom Sayer Production Designer
Vince Pope Composer


Breaking The Code

Olivia helps the team decipher important clues in the case.

Featuring: Joanna Scanlan (D.I. Vivienne Deering), Alexandra Roach (D.S. Joy Freers), Elaine Cassidy (D.C. Dinah Kowalska), Will Mellor (D.C. Spike Tanner), Hannah Walters (Connie Ball) & Joanne Finney (Olivia Bacon).

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