My Family. Image shows from L to R: Michael Harper (Gabriel Thomson), Susan Harper (Zoë Wanamaker), Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay), Janey Harper (Daniela Denby-Ashe)
My Family

My Family

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2000 - 2011
  • 120 episodes (11 series)

A long-running, high rating BBC One sitcom about an average middle class family. Stars Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker. Stars Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Gabriel Thomson, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Siobhan Hayes and more.

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Series 5, Episode 8 - The Mouth Trap

One of Ben's patients, whilst under anaesthetic, admits to killing his wife. Susan, currently overdosing on murder mysteries, decides to turn sleuth in an effort to expose the killer but then gets involved in a cover-up of her own.

Broadcast details

Friday 14th May 2004
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 10th November 2011 5:20pm W
Thursday 10th November 2011 11:40pm W
Thursday 8th December 2011 11:40am W
Thursday 8th December 2011 5:40pm W
Saturday 10th March 2012 5:40pm W
Sunday 11th March 2012 9:40am W
Friday 11th May 2012 11:40am W
Tuesday 12th June 2012 12:20pm W
Friday 6th July 2012 11:40am W
Wednesday 12th September 2012 11:00am W
Tuesday 30th October 2012 1:40pm Gold
Tuesday 30th October 2012 7:40pm Gold
Tuesday 13th November 2012 11:00am W
Tuesday 13th November 2012 5:00pm W
Wednesday 27th February 2013 9:40am Gold
Wednesday 27th February 2013 3:40pm Gold
Sunday 10th March 2013 4:20pm W
Monday 2nd March 2015 7:00pm Gold
Tuesday 3rd March 2015 1:00pm Gold
Tuesday 28th July 2015 5:40pm Gold
Wednesday 29th July 2015 9:40am Gold
Wednesday 7th October 2015 12:40pm Gold
Wednesday 7th October 2015 6:40pm Gold
Tuesday 9th February 2016 12:00pm Gold
Tuesday 9th February 2016 6:40pm Gold
Thursday 28th July 2016 11:35am Gold
Thursday 28th July 2016 6:10pm Gold
Thursday 15th December 2016 7:00pm W
Tuesday 21st March 2017 12:40pm Gold
Tuesday 21st March 2017 6:00pm Gold
Saturday 10th June 2017 6:00pm W
Sunday 11th June 2017 2:00pm W
Thursday 13th July 2017 8:40am W
Thursday 13th July 2017 4:40pm W
Saturday 26th May 2018 7:00pm W
Sunday 27th May 2018 4:00pm W
Thursday 23rd August 2018 12:00pm Gold
Wednesday 28th November 2018 4:20pm W
Saturday 12th March 2022 8:20pm W
Sunday 13th March 2022 5:20pm W
Saturday 23rd July 2022 5:00pm W
Sunday 24th July 2022 3:00pm W
Saturday 26th November 2022 6:20pm W
Sunday 27th November 2022 4:20pm W
Monday 5th December 2022 5:40pm W
Saturday 15th April 2023 7:00pm W
Sunday 16th April 2023 5:00pm W
Saturday 7th October 2023 3:40pm W
Saturday 9th March 2024 3:00pm W
Sunday 10th March 2024 1:00pm W

Cast & crew

Robert Lindsay Ben Harper
Zoë Wanamaker Susan Harper
Gabriel Thomson Michael Harper
Siobhan Hayes Abi Harper
Keiron Self Roger Bailey Jr.
Guest cast
Gerard Horan Mr. Addis
Suzanne Burden Mrs. Addis
Ulla van Zeller Luisa
Writing team
Andrea Solomons Writer
Production team
Dewi Humphreys Director
John Bartlett Producer
Donald Taffner Jr. Executive Producer
Sophie Clarke-Jervoise Executive Producer
Ian Brown Executive Producer
James Hendrie Executive Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Ian Fisher Production Designer
Tony Roche Production Designer
Graham Jarvis Composer

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