Miranda. Image shows from L to R: Gary (Tom Ellis), Penny (Patricia Hodge), Miranda (Miranda Hart), Stevie (Sarah Hadland), Clive (James Holmes). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 2009 - 2015
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Hit sitcom starring Miranda Hart as a woman desperate to fit into society and find a man. She runs a joke shop with childhood friend Stevie. Stars Miranda Hart, Sarah Hadland, Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis, Sally Phillips and more.

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Series 2, Episode 5 - Just Act Normal

Miranda has some difficulty convincing people she's not actually having a breakdown.

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Miranda. Image shows from L to R: Penny (Patricia Hodge), Therapist (Mark Heap), Miranda (Miranda Hart). Copyright: BBC

An incident in a park with an ice cream van, a handsome jogger, a teacher and a class of six-year-old children is enough to drive anyone up the wall...

When Miranda and Penny end up in the police station, Penny leads the police to believe that Miranda is a bit unstable and they are both forced to see a therapist for an assessment. All they need to do is sit quietly and control their temper with each other - but this is Miranda and her mother, after all. Will the unnervingly silent therapist believe the constantly scrapping pair are just as sane as any other bickering mother and daughter?

Broadcast details

Monday 13th December 2010
30 minutes


  1. Saturday 20th April 2024 at 7:40pm on W
  2. Sunday 21st April 2024 at 5:40pm on W

Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 14th December 2010 10:00pm BBC2
Friday 2nd September 2011 9:30pm BBC1
Monday 5th September 2011 11:35pm BBC1 Scot
Friday 26th October 2012 8:30pm BBC1
Friday 18th October 2013 8:30pm BBC1
Tuesday 24th March 2015 10:00pm Gold
Wednesday 25th March 2015 8:20pm Gold
Tuesday 6th October 2015 10:00pm Gold
Thursday 3rd March 2016 10:40pm Gold
Friday 4th March 2016 7:20pm Gold
Monday 1st August 2016 10:00pm Gold
Tuesday 2nd August 2016 8:40pm Gold
Sunday 15th January 2017 9:40pm Gold
Monday 16th January 2017 7:40pm Gold
Wednesday 21st June 2017 11:00pm W
Thursday 22nd June 2017 1:30am W
Friday 30th March 2018 11:40pm W
Sunday 12th August 2018 4:00pm W
Monday 13th August 2018 2:25am W
Saturday 29th September 2018 10:20pm W
Sunday 4th November 2018 9:40am Gold
Monday 5th November 2018 7:40am Gold
Sunday 16th December 2018 7:20pm W
Saturday 15th June 2019 9:40am Gold
Sunday 16th June 2019 7:35am Gold
Thursday 4th July 2019 9:00pm Gold
Friday 5th July 2019 7:40pm Gold
Saturday 10th August 2019 9:40pm W
Sunday 11th August 2019 7:40pm W
Saturday 5th December 2020 7:40pm W
Sunday 6th December 2020 6:40pm W
Sunday 14th March 2021 8:55am Gold
Monday 26th April 2021 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 27th April 2021 1:35am Gold
Saturday 19th June 2021 8:40pm W
Sunday 20th June 2021 7:40pm W
Saturday 21st August 2021 10:00am Gold
Sunday 22nd August 2021 2:45am Gold
Sunday 22nd August 2021 9:20am Gold
Saturday 9th October 2021 7:40pm W
Sunday 10th October 2021 5:40pm W
Monday 17th January 2022 8:40pm Gold
Tuesday 18th January 2022 2:00pm Gold
Friday 11th March 2022 10:40pm W
Saturday 12th March 2022 9:40pm W
Tuesday 3rd May 2022 9:40pm Gold
Wednesday 4th May 2022 1:50am Gold
Friday 6th May 2022 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 7th May 2022 1:45am Gold
Friday 15th July 2022 10:40pm W
Saturday 16th July 2022 9:40pm W
Tuesday 16th August 2022 8:00pm Gold
Wednesday 17th August 2022 12:00am Gold
Friday 27th January 2023 10:40pm W
Saturday 28th January 2023 9:40pm W
Tuesday 28th February 2023 9:15pm Gold
Wednesday 1st March 2023 1:00am Gold
Sunday 23rd July 2023 5:40pm W
Sunday 3rd September 2023 5:40pm W
Saturday 14th October 2023 7:40pm W
Sunday 15th October 2023 5:40pm W
Tuesday 14th November 2023 7:40pm W
Saturday 25th November 2023 6:40pm W
Sunday 26th November 2023 5:40pm W
Saturday 27th January 2024 7:40pm W
Sunday 28th January 2024 5:40pm W
Saturday 9th March 2024 7:40pm W
Sunday 10th March 2024 5:40pm W

Cast & crew

Miranda Hart Miranda
Patricia Hodge Penny
Tom Ellis Gary
Guest cast
James Doherty PC Davis
Mark Heap Therapist
Writing team
Miranda Hart Writer
Richard Hurst Writer
James Cary Writer
Georgia Pritchett Writer
Paul Powell Writer
Paul Kerensa Writer
Jon Brown Script Editor
Production team
Juliet May Director
Emma Strain Producer
Jo Sargent Executive Producer
Mark Freeland Executive Producer
Jake Bernard Editor
Harry Banks Production Designer



Miranda and Penny use roleplay and attempt to see things from the other's point of view...

View this clip on the BBC website

Featuring: Miranda Hart (Miranda), Patricia Hodge (Penny) & Mark Heap (Therapist).

Too Many Legs

In an attempt to act normal Miranda becomes increasingly conscious of her arms, legs and posture...

View this clip on the BBC website

Featuring: Miranda Hart (Miranda) & Patricia Hodge (Penny).

The Water Machine

Miranda encounters a troublesome water machine.

View this clip on the BBC website

Featuring: Miranda Hart (Miranda), Patricia Hodge (Penny) & Mark Heap (Therapist).

Red Button Extra: Miranda Meets... Miranda's Mum

Miranda chats to her real-life Mum (Dee Hart-Dyke) and Patricia Hodge, who plays her Mum in the sitcom.

View this clip on the BBC website

Featuring: Miranda Hart (Miranda) & Patricia Hodge (Penny).

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