Michael McIntyre's Big Show. Michael McIntyre. Copyright: Hungry McBear.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

BBC One variety show hosted by Michael McIntyre. 33 episodes (5 series), 2015 - 2019. Stars Michael McIntyre and Donna Preston.

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Whether he is waking unsuspecting victims in the middle of the night or ransacking celebs' phones, Michael McIntyre is never knowingly underworked on his Saturday night. This week, Harry Redknapp gets the Send to All treatment, while Westlife are rudely awoken.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 7th December 2019

Michael McIntyre's Big Show wins Rose d'Or Award

Michael McIntyre's Big Show has won the international Rose d'Or Award. Meanwhile Ricky Gervais picked up the award for Performance Of The Year.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd December 2019

One of the highlights of this old-fashioned variety hour is the segment where Michael lets himself into a celebrity's house by night (the front door is always conveniently open) and bursts into the bedroom to play pranks on the stunned victim.

Michael would be well advised not to try this game if he ever takes his show to the U.S., since most American celebs sleep with a shotgun over the bedstead and a handgun under the pillow.

Judge Rob Rinder was the guest this time and, though he was characteristically grumpy, he didn't attempt to shoot the intruder. Oddly, he appeared to have a bullet-proof glass balustrade around the bottom of his bed, so perhaps guns give him nightmares.

The best bit of the show is still the game in which Michael borrows a celeb's phone and sends a cheeky message to all their contacts. It gets funnier every time.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 2nd December 2019

Michael McIntyre's Big Show to record at London Palladium

Series 5 of Michael McIntyre's Big Show will be recorded at the London Palladium, as the Theatre Royal is closed for refurbishment.

British Comedy Guide, 15th July 2019

BAFTA TV Awards nominations

Derry Girls, Mum, Sally4Ever, Stath Lets Flats and Car Share are amongst the comedy-related nominations in the 2019 BAFTA TV Awards and BAFTA Craft Awards.

British Comedy Guide, 28th March 2019

Comedies up for RTS Awards 2019

The nominees for the RTS Awards 2019 include Famalam, Detectorists and Derry Girls. Lesley Manville, Sian Gibson, Daisy May Cooper, Samson Kayo and the stars of Inside No. 9 and The Young Offenders are nominated for acting prizes.

British Comedy Guide, 5th March 2019

Comedies nominated for Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2019

Car Share, Derry Girls, Inside No. 9 and Women On The Verge are amongst the nominees in the BPG Awards 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 13th February 2019

The host reviews the best bits from four series of his Big Show. Ed Balls, Alexander Armstrong and Carol Vorderman recall playing Celeb Send to All and Gino D'Acampo relives finding McIntyre in his bedroom on Midnight Gameshow. Plus a musical number from Unexpected Star Anush Hydros.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 19th January 2019

Michael McIntyre beats Mrs. Brown in TV ratings

The comedian's Christmas showcase was the most watched programme on Christmas Day, after the Queen's Speech which aired across multiple channels.

Rhiannon Williams, i Newspaper, 26th December 2018