Jonathan Creek. Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies). Copyright: BBC
Jonathan Creek

Jonathan Creek

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC One
  • 1997 - 2016
  • 32 episodes (5 series)

Comedy drama following a creator of magical illusions who finds his expertise suited to solving murders and mysteries. Stars Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin, Stuart Milligan, Julia Sawalha, Adrian Edmondson and more.

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Series 3, Episode 2 - The Eyes Of Tiresias

A 73-year-old widow's dreams are foretelling deaths. Is it just coincidence? Is she psychic? Or is it just something in the goldfish food...?

Broadcast details

Saturday 4th December 1999
50 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 10th March 2011 9:00pm W
Saturday 13th August 2011 8:55pm W
Sunday 14th August 2011 3:55pm W
Saturday 29th October 2011 8:20pm W
Sunday 30th October 2011 4:55pm W
Sunday 29th January 2012 3:55pm W
Sunday 29th January 2012 10:05pm W
Sunday 1st April 2012 2:00pm W
Sunday 1st April 2012 8:00pm W
Thursday 31st May 2012 9:00pm W
Friday 1st June 2012 2:00pm W
Wednesday 19th September 2012 9:00pm W
Thursday 20th September 2012 8:00pm W
Friday 25th January 2013 9:00pm W
Friday 30th August 2013 9:00pm Drama
Saturday 31st August 2013 6:00pm Drama
Sunday 30th March 2014 10:30pm Drama
Monday 31st March 2014 9:00pm Drama
Friday 21st November 2014 9:00pm Drama
Saturday 22nd November 2014 8:00pm Drama
Tuesday 23rd December 2014 9:00pm Drama
Tuesday 30th December 2014 2:00pm W
Tuesday 30th December 2014 8:00pm W
Tuesday 7th July 2015 10:00pm Drama
Wednesday 8th July 2015 8:00pm Drama
Saturday 5th December 2015 10:20pm Drama
Wednesday 24th February 2016 10:00pm Drama
Friday 27th May 2016 9:00pm Drama
Saturday 10th September 2016 9:00pm W
Friday 24th December 2021 8:00pm Drama
Thursday 14th April 2022 8:00pm Drama
Saturday 19th November 2022 1:55pm Drama
Sunday 21st May 2023 9:00pm Drama
Sunday 24th September 2023 11:05pm Drama
Saturday 30th September 2023 2:55pm Drama

Cast & crew

Alan Davies Jonathan Creek
Caroline Quentin Maddy Magellan
Guest cast
Paul Blackthorne Gino
Rebecca Front Heidi Sayle
Peter Blake Otto Danzigger
Margery Mason Audrey Pangulitch
Terrence Hardiman André Masson
Alexandra Hogg Yvette the Maid
Diana Weston Delia Masson
James Gaddas Craig Downey
Stephen Frankham Camera Operator
Damien Goodwin Josh
Claire Malcomson Becky Phillips
Nick Hamilton Detective Inspector
Terry Bird Security Officer
Writing team
David Renwick Writer
Production team
Keith Washington Director
Verity Lambert Producer

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