Don't Drink The Water. Cyril Blake (Stephen Lewis). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

Don't Drink The Water

ITV sitcom about siblings living in Spain. 13 episodes (2 series), 1974 - 1975. Stars Stephen Lewis, Derek Griffiths, Muguette de Braie, Frank Coda and others.

Series 1

1. Home From Home

First broadcast: Saturday 27th July 1974

From the minute he steps off the plane with his sister Dorothy, ex-Inspector Cyril Blake realises that he has swapped one set of problems for another. His dreams of sun, sea & seƱoritas and the quiet life are shattered ...


2. The Food

First broadcast: Saturday 3rd August 1974

Now that they have arrived in Spain all Cyril and Dorothy want is some peace and quiet - and perhaps some decent food if they can find any ...


3. Dry Run

First broadcast: Saturday 10th August 1974

He's used to breakdowns after working on the buses, but ex-Inspector Blake has not seen one make as much impact as that affecting the water lorry bringing fresh water supplies to his small flat in Spain.


4. The Lift

First broadcast: Saturday 17th August 1974

It's Dorothy's first shopping expedition and she knows she isn't going to struggle because she doesn't know how many ounces there are to a kilo. But she is not prepared for the surprises in store for her ...


5. Careful What You Eat

First broadcast: Saturday 24th August 1974

One of the main reasons they left England was the power cuts, amongst other things. Now, Cyril and Dorothy are horrified when the electricity goes off in their flat ...


6. The Fuse

First broadcast: Saturday 31st August 1974

Cyril has decided to rewire his flat after becoming disillusioned with the Spanish electricity service. Unfortunately, his efforts to make it work like in England land him in trouble with the police.


7. The Smell

First broadcast: Saturday 7th September 1974

It's down to Carlos to investigate the horrible odour coming from the drains that's making Dorothy want to pack her bags and head home to England ...


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Don't Drink The Water - The Complete Series

Don't Drink The Water - The Complete Series DVD

Release date: Monday 1st November 2010

This sequel to On The Buses follows the further misfortunes of the newly retired Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis), erstwhile scourge of the Luxton Bus Company Depot. Dreaming of peace and quiet, sun and senoritas, he's decided to warm up the autumn of his days in a little flat in Spain...