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BBC One sitcom about a Liverpool family. 74 episodes (7 series), 1986 - 1991. Stars Jean Boht, Peter Howitt, Ronald Forfar, Jonathon Morris and others.

Series 3

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Sunday 6th September 1987

Aveline has been mugged and the Boswell boys make a mass protest at the police station. Billy, meanwhile, has to break the news to his mother that his baby is to be christened in a Protestant church!


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Sunday 13th September 1987

Joey suspects that he's found his dog that went missing some years back, and Grandad proves to be as shrewd in negotiation as any of them.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Sunday 20th September 1987

Freddie loses a valuable ring at a party. Jack, who found it and tried to pawn it, is filled with remorse. Meanwhile, Adrian has gone through a personality change and insists on being called Jimmy!


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Sunday 27th September 1987

Lilo Lill pays a visit to the Boswell home and indulges in an all out war with Nellie on the doorstep. Roxy has returned into Joey's life and Adrian buys an enormous statue.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Sunday 4th October 1987

Aveline is taken to hospital and the family gather to comfort her. Joey finds out that Roxy is married.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Sunday 11th October 1987

Joey is forced to confront Roxy's husband, with unusual results, and Aveline decides to give up her modelling career.


7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Sunday 18th October 1987

Freddie has been arrested for running off with his dust cart after getting the sack, and Grandad has been taken to hospital after wandering off on his own.


8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Sunday 25th October 1987

News of Freddie's impending court case has spread and Nellie has to face up to the neighbours once again.


9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Sunday 1st November 1987

The family attend Freddie's court case in order to provide moral support. Billy, however, has other plans as he is marrying Julie in secret. Meanwhile, Grandad has a visit from his nephew Eddie who is home from America and, much to Grandad and Nellie's horror, is gay!


10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Sunday 8th November 1987

Adrian and Eddie are abducted by Yizzel and his mate because of a gambling debt they claim is owed to them - Joey, as usual, has to sort the problem. Freddie is sleeping on the sofa, jobless and depressed and Jack is concerned about his health ...


11. Episode Eleven

First broadcast: Sunday 15th November 1987

After learning from the doctor that he doesn't have kidney trouble, Jack accidentally parks his van in the river! Nellie gives Freddie his marching orders after being unimpressed with his new job as a hot dog vendor!


12. Episode Twelve

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd November 1987

Nellie, Aveline, Adrian and Jack have all started work on the same day. They all return home with a disastrous tale to tell. Freddie is involved in an accident when a lorry runs into the hut he is sharing with Lilo Lill. Joey has a confrontation with Roxy's husband ...


13. Episode Thirteen

First broadcast: Sunday 29th November 1987

Freddie has a broken leg and under Nellie's feet again. Roxy has been thrown out by her husband and Joey is caught in the crossfire. When he hears she has a child, and another one on the way, he wrestles with conflicting emotions.


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The Boswells live in Liverpool and are very adept at scamming the system. Nellie Boswell (Jean Boht) rules the nest and puts up with no nonsense from her children or her long-suffering husband, Freddie (Ronald Forfar), as she struggles...