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BBC One sitcom about a Liverpool family. 74 episodes (7 series), 1986 - 1991. Stars Jean Boht, Peter Howitt, Ronald Forfar, Jonathon Morris and others.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Thursday 1st May 1986

Billy wastes his money on a stolen statue and Joey attempts to claim an incontinence allowance for Grandad.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Thursday 8th May 1986

Billy buys a ring for Julie, but learns that opals are bad luck and is told to get rid of it.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Thursday 15th May 1986

Freddie Boswell makes a return to his family home and gets a cool reception from his wife and children.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd May 1986

A photographer suggests Aveline should pose topless and wishes he hadn't, while Jack makes an inauspicious entry into the art world.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Thursday 29th May 1986

Freddie's sea-faring brother has died and the Boswells decide to arrange a burial at sea.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Thursday 5th June 1986

Billy finds out that he is to become a father, Joey learns of his dad's £500 gambling debt, Adrian is made redundant, Aveline's nude pictures are published and Jack buries a stolen candlestick in his Grandma's grave! A normal day for the Boswells.


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Bread - The Complete Collection

Bread - The Complete Collection DVD

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All 74 episodes of the British sitcom written by Carla Lane.

The Boswells live in Liverpool and are very adept at scamming the system. Nellie Boswell (Jean Boht) rules the nest and puts up with no nonsense from her children or her long-suffering husband, Freddie (Ronald Forfar), as she struggles...