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Series 3, Episode 10

Adrian and Eddie are abducted by Yizzel and his mate because of a gambling debt they claim is owed to them - Joey, as usual, has to sort the problem. Freddie is sleeping on the sofa, jobless and depressed and Jack is concerned about his health ...

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Sunday 8th November 1987
30 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Tuesday 24th April 2012 6:00am Gold
Tuesday 24th April 2012 8:20am Gold
Wednesday 15th August 2012 8:20am Gold
Thursday 16th August 2012 6:00am Gold
Tuesday 12th February 2013 6:00am Gold
Monday 15th April 2013 7:40am Gold
Tuesday 16th April 2013 6:00am Gold
Sunday 5th May 2013 7:40am Gold
Monday 6th May 2013 6:00am Gold
Sunday 26th May 2013 2:30am Gold
Sunday 26th May 2013 6:00am Gold
Saturday 20th July 2013 6:40am Gold
Tuesday 3rd September 2013 6:50am Gold
Thursday 22nd January 2015 1:40pm Drama
Thursday 22nd January 2015 6:40pm Drama
Tuesday 20th February 2018 1:40pm Drama
Wednesday 20th February 2019 6:40pm Drama

Cast & crew

Jean Boht Nellie Boswell
Peter Howitt Joey Boswell
Ronald Forfar Freddie Boswell
Jonathon Morris Adrian Boswell
Victor McGuire Jack Boswell
Gilly Coman Aveline Boswell
Nick Conway Billy Boswell
Kenneth Waller Grandad
Guest cast
Simon Rouse Yizzel's Mate
Charles Lawson Yizzel
Ken Sharrock Eddie
Sheila Fay Mrs. Radcliffe
Writing team
Carla Lane Writer
Production team
Robin Nash Director
Robin Nash Producer
Roger Harris Production Designer

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