Blackadder. Mr. Edmund Blackadder, Esquire (Rowan Atkinson)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1983 - 2000
  • 26 episodes (4 series)

The Blackadder dynasty has run through English history since time immemorial, seemingly always hampered by a Baldrick, and often a Percy and Melchett. Stars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnerny, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and more.

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Blackadder II, Episode 1 - Bells

Blackadder. Image shows from L to R: Kate (Gabrielle Glaister), Lord Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson)
Lord Blackadder is deeply disturbed when he finds himself falling in love with his new manservant, Bob. A surprise relaxes his fears and they agree to marry, but could a visiting guest come between the happy couple?

Further details

The congenital defects of the Blackadder family resurface. Edmund falls in love with his new man-servant, who is really a girl in disguise. Lord Flashheart turns up to spoil the wedding.

Broadcast details

Thursday 9th January 1986
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 18th December 2010 8:40pm BBC2
Saturday 6th August 2011 6:00pm Gold
Sunday 7th August 2011 12:00pm Gold
Monday 31st October 2011 11:20pm Gold
Tuesday 1st November 2011 8:40pm Gold
Thursday 12th January 2012 10:00pm Gold
Friday 13th January 2012 6:00pm Gold
Sunday 5th February 2012 7:00pm Gold
Saturday 18th February 2012 12:20pm Gold
Monday 16th April 2012 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 17th April 2012 1:00am Gold
Monday 3rd September 2012 9:00pm Gold
Tuesday 4th September 2012 12:30am Gold
Tuesday 8th January 2013 10:20pm Gold
Wednesday 9th January 2013 1:30am Gold
Monday 4th February 2013 8:20pm Gold
Monday 4th February 2013 11:40pm Gold
Monday 27th May 2013 10:00pm BBC2
Monday 10th June 2013 9:00pm Gold
Monday 22nd July 2013 8:40pm Gold
Tuesday 23rd July 2013 4:40pm Gold
Wednesday 11th September 2013 9:40pm Gold
Thursday 12th September 2013 7:40pm Gold
Wednesday 1st January 2014 8:20pm Dave
Saturday 11th January 2014 7:00pm Gold
Sunday 12th January 2014 1:40pm Gold
Wednesday 29th January 2014 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 28th June 2014 9:00pm Gold
Sunday 29th June 2014 12:25am Gold
Tuesday 22nd July 2014 8:20pm Gold
Wednesday 23rd July 2014 12:25am Gold
Monday 1st September 2014 8:40pm Gold
Tuesday 2nd September 2014 12:40am Gold
Saturday 20th December 2014 9:35pm BBC2
Saturday 20th December 2014 11:05pm BBC2 Wales
Tuesday 6th January 2015 9:00pm Gold
Wednesday 7th January 2015 7:40pm Gold
Saturday 31st January 2015 11:00pm Gold
Sunday 1st February 2015 7:00pm Gold
Friday 10th April 2015 7:00pm Gold
Saturday 11th April 2015 10:15am Gold
Monday 1st June 2015 10:35pm Gold
Tuesday 2nd June 2015 8:20pm Gold
Saturday 20th June 2015 7:35am Gold
Thursday 3rd September 2015 11:20pm Gold
Friday 4th September 2015 8:00pm Gold
Sunday 25th October 2015 9:00pm Dave
Monday 26th October 2015 7:00pm Dave
Friday 8th January 2016 8:00pm Gold
Saturday 9th January 2016 1:40pm Gold
Monday 29th February 2016 11:00pm Yesterday
Tuesday 1st March 2016 10:00pm Yesterday
Saturday 9th April 2016 7:00pm Dave
Sunday 10th April 2016 4:00pm Dave
Friday 7th October 2016 9:40pm Gold
Tuesday 6th December 2016 10:00pm Yesterday
Wednesday 7th December 2016 8:00pm Yesterday
Wednesday 18th January 2017 9:45pm Gold
Thursday 19th January 2017 12:15am Gold
Saturday 28th January 2017 10:00pm Yesterday
Sunday 29th January 2017 8:00pm Yesterday
Tuesday 11th April 2017 9:45pm Yesterday
Wednesday 12th April 2017 11:40am Yesterday
Tuesday 25th July 2017 10:00pm Yesterday
Wednesday 26th July 2017 3:00pm Yesterday
Monday 16th October 2017 10:40pm Yesterday
Tuesday 17th October 2017 10:40am Yesterday
Wednesday 18th October 2017 8:20pm Gold
Thursday 19th October 2017 12:00am Gold
Monday 27th November 2017 4:25pm Yesterday
Sunday 27th May 2018 12:50pm Gold
Sunday 27th May 2018 7:30pm Gold
Thursday 14th March 2019 10:00pm BBC4
Tuesday 2nd April 2019 10:10pm Gold
Wednesday 3rd April 2019 8:40pm Gold
Saturday 20th April 2019 11:40am Gold
Saturday 20th April 2019 4:20pm Gold
Saturday 20th April 2019 11:30pm BBC4
Saturday 18th May 2019 11:55pm BBC4
Sunday 30th June 2019 12:30am BBC4
Monday 15th July 2019 9:40pm Gold
Tuesday 16th July 2019 7:00pm Gold
Monday 29th July 2019 11:30pm BBC4
Thursday 5th September 2019 11:00pm BBC4
Saturday 7th September 2019 8:35pm Gold
Sunday 8th September 2019 3:20pm Gold
Wednesday 15th April 2020 11:00pm Yesterday
Thursday 16th April 2020 9:00pm Yesterday
Tuesday 1st September 2020 10:00pm Gold
Wednesday 2nd September 2020 12:35am Gold
Wednesday 2nd September 2020 3:20am BBC1
Saturday 14th November 2020 9:25pm BBC1
Tuesday 5th January 2021 12:20pm Gold
Tuesday 5th January 2021 6:20pm Gold
Monday 17th May 2021 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 18th May 2021 12:55am Gold
Monday 7th June 2021 12:40pm Gold
Monday 7th June 2021 4:00pm Gold
Thursday 1st July 2021 12:10pm Gold
Thursday 1st July 2021 4:00pm Gold
Thursday 1st July 2021 10:30pm Gold
Tuesday 27th July 2021 12:00pm Gold
Tuesday 27th July 2021 4:00pm Gold
Monday 8th November 2021 11:00am Gold
Monday 8th November 2021 4:00pm Gold
Tuesday 19th April 2022 9:00pm Gold
Wednesday 20th April 2022 1:10am Gold
Wednesday 20th April 2022 7:55am Gold
Tuesday 30th August 2022 8:00pm Gold
Wednesday 31st August 2022 1:30am Gold
Monday 24th October 2022 10:00pm BBC4
Thursday 10th November 2022 10:00pm Gold
Sunday 15th January 2023 10:55pm Gold
Monday 16th January 2023 3:05am Gold
Monday 12th June 2023 9:00pm Gold
Tuesday 13th June 2023 1:15am Gold
Sunday 18th June 2023 9:00pm Gold
Monday 19th June 2023 12:25am Gold
Monday 20th May 2024 8:40pm Gold
Tuesday 21st May 2024 12:40am Gold

Cast & crew

Rowan Atkinson Lord Edmund Blackadder
Tony Robinson Baldrick
Tim McInnerny Percy
Miranda Richardson Queen Elizabeth I
Stephen Fry Lord Melchett
Patsy Byrne Nursie
Guest cast
Gabrielle Glaister Kate
Rik Mayall Flashheart
John Grillo Dr. Leech
Edward Jewesbury Kate's Father
Barbara Miller Wisewoman
Sadie Shimmin Young Crone
Writing team
Richard Curtis Writer
Ben Elton Writer
Production team
Mandie Fletcher Director
John Lloyd Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Antony Thorpe Production Designer
Howard Goodall Composer

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