Antony Thorpe

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Antony Thorpe is a production designer.


  • BAFTA Television Craft Awards 1988 - Design: Nominee

Known for


Year Production Role
1988 Blackadder - 1988 Specials Production Designer
1988 No Frills Production Designer
1987 Blackadder - Black Adder The Third Production Designer
1986 Blackadder - Blackadder II Production Designer
1983 Only Fools And Horses - Series 3 Production Designer
1983 Emery Presents - Emery Presents: Jack Of Diamonds Production Designer
1978 Are You Being Served? - Series 6 Production Designer
1977 The Liver Birds - Series 8
  1. Special - Open Your Eyes And It Still Hasn't Gone
  2. E7 - The Struggle
  3. E5 - They Decide Up There What Goes On Down Here
  4. E3 - You've No Idea What I've Been Through
  5. E1 - Something Beginning
Production Designer
1970 The Culture Vultures
  1. E1 - Episode One
Production Designer

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