Birds Of A Feather. Image shows from L to R: Sharon Theodopolopodous (Pauline Quirke), Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph), Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson). Copyright: Alomo Productions / Retort
Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather (1989)

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV1 / BBC One
  • 1989 - 2020
  • 128 episodes (12 series)

Sitcom about mismatched sisters Tracey and Sharon, and their glamorous friend, Dorien. Stars Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph, Charlie Quirke, Samuel James and more.

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Series 9, Episode 2 - Mummies & Daddies

As Tracey and Sharon leave the ante-natal class they bump into a pregnant Kimberley.

Broadcast details

Monday 23rd November 1998
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 30th December 2011 3:45am CC Extra
Friday 10th February 2012 3:00am CC Extra
Friday 9th March 2012 3:10am CC Extra
Friday 6th April 2012 3:35am CC Extra
Tuesday 24th April 2012 3:20am CC Extra
Wednesday 11th September 2013 1:50pm Drama
Wednesday 11th September 2013 7:40pm Drama
Thursday 21st November 2013 1:50pm Drama
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Monday 24th March 2014 2:40pm Drama
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Sunday 20th April 2014 11:40pm Drama
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Wednesday 6th August 2014 2:20pm Drama
Saturday 16th August 2014 6:20pm Drama
Wednesday 10th December 2014 2:20pm Drama
Wednesday 10th December 2014 6:00pm Drama
Thursday 11th December 2014 12:20am Drama
Wednesday 6th May 2015 2:20pm Drama
Thursday 7th May 2015 1:20am Drama
Wednesday 16th September 2015 2:20pm Drama
Wednesday 16th September 2015 11:00pm Drama
Friday 15th January 2016 2:20pm Drama
Saturday 16th January 2016 1:40am Drama
Saturday 7th May 2016 7:00am Drama
Saturday 7th May 2016 6:00pm Drama
Monday 9th May 2016 2:20pm Drama
Thursday 16th June 2016 6:00pm Drama
Monday 19th September 2016 2:20pm Drama
Wednesday 25th January 2017 2:20pm Drama
Friday 9th June 2017 2:20pm Drama
Saturday 10th June 2017 1:10am Drama
Thursday 19th October 2017 2:20pm Drama
Thursday 19th October 2017 11:20pm Drama
Wednesday 7th March 2018 2:20pm Drama
Wednesday 7th March 2018 11:20pm Drama
Friday 10th May 2019 5:20pm Drama
Friday 20th September 2019 5:20pm Drama
Friday 4th September 2020 5:20pm Drama
Friday 1st January 2021 7:50am Drama
Wednesday 9th June 2021 7:55am Drama
Monday 11th October 2021 5:20pm Drama
Monday 12th September 2022 5:20pm Drama
Wednesday 14th September 2022 3:05am Drama
Friday 30th December 2022 7:05am Drama

Cast & crew

Pauline Quirke Sharon Theodopolopodous
Linda Robson Tracey Stubbs
Lesley Joseph Dorien Green
Matthew Savage Garth Stubbs
Guest cast
Kirstie Senior Kimberley
Bernard Holley Richard
Jo Grant Morgan
Siobhan Hayes Tina
Mary Healey Midwife
Corinna Richards Amanda
Julie Maisey Kerry
Writing team
Victoria Grew Script Editor
Sam Lawrence Writer
Production team
Terry Kinane Director
Tony Charles Producer
Claire Hinson Executive Producer
Laurence Marks Supervising Producer
Maurice Gran Supervising Producer
Phil Moss Editor
Kyz Kistell Production Designer
Susie Parriss Casting Director
Jeanette Farrier Costume Designer
Keith Reed Lighting Designer
Tristram Shapeero 1st Assistant Director

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