Agatha Raisin. Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen)
Agatha Raisin

Agatha Raisin

  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky One / Sky Max
  • 2014 - 2023
  • 27 episodes (4 series)

Crime-solving comedy drama starring Ashley Jensen as an amateur detective. Also features Jamie Glover, Mathew Horne, Matt McCooey, Jason Barnett, Lucy Liemann and more.

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Series 1, Episode 1 - Walkers Of Dembley

Agatha Raisin. Image shows from L to R: Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen), Roy Silver (Mathew Horne)
A walker is found dead on a local baronet's land soon after he declares war on her rambling group for trespassing on his land.

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Having spent years toiling away in London, Agatha has relocated to the Cotswolds. However, her hopes of a quiet life are dashed when murders start occurring in her village. Drawn into their mysteries, Agatha attempts to solve the crimes... often in rather unorthodox ways.

In the first episode, a walker is found dead on a local baronet's land soon after he declares war on her rambling group for trespassing on his land.

Eager to solve the crime, Agatha convinces James that they should pose as a married couple and go undercover in the victim's rambling group. Their pretence proves tricky to keep up in the tiny Cotswolds community, particularly for James, who has just started to date someone else.

However, when someone tries to violently warn Agatha off the case, the pair pull together to uncover the truth. Delving into the locals' lives, they find that not all is as it seems. But can they expose Dembley's killer?


This episode is also known as The Walkers Of Dembley.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Sky One
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Wednesday 8th June 2016 9:00pm Sky2
Saturday 11th June 2016 9:00pm Sky1
Sunday 12th June 2016 11:00pm Sky2
Monday 13th June 2016 9:00pm Sky2
Thursday 13th June 2019 9:00pm Sky2
Saturday 13th July 2019 12:00am Sky2
Monday 14th February 2022 9:00pm Sky Max
Saturday 19th February 2022 7:00pm Sky Max

Cast & crew

Ashley Jensen Agatha Raisin
Jamie Glover James Lacey
Mathew Horne Roy Silver
Matt McCooey DC Bill Wong
Jason Barnett DI/DCI Denzel Wilkes
Lucy Liemann Sarah Bloxby
Jason Merrells Sir Charles Fraith
Katy Wix Gemma Simpson
June Watson Mrs Josephs
Maddie Monti Kyra Simpson
Daisy Beaumont Mary Fortune
Guest cast
Lara Rossi Kristy King
Debbie Chazen Jessica Tarnick
Robin McCallum Gustav
Rebecca Night Deborah Camden
Paul Venables Jeff Benson
Emma Stansfield Alice Dewhurst
Diljohn Singh Khusan
Andy Williams Joe Noakes
Writing team
Chris Murray Writer
Sam Costin Script Editor
Production team
Geoffrey Sax Director
Matthew Mulot Producer
Cameron Roach Executive Producer
Michele Buck Executive Producer
Barry Ryan Executive Producer
Stewart Harcourt Executive Producer
David Walton Executive Producer
Anthony Combes Editor
Ian Fisher Production Designer
Susie Parriss Casting Director
Pam Downe Costume Designer
Helen Tucker Make-up Designer
Rupert Gregson-Williams Composer
Christopher Willis Composer
Dale McCready Director of Photography
Simon Morris 1st Assistant Director
Geoffrey Sax Series Consultant


One sitcom I won't be sticking with is Sky One's Agatha Raisin and in fact I'm surprised I made it through the first episode. I have to say I didn't have a lot of knowledge of the central character played by Ashley Jensen as I missed the pilot episode 'The Quiche of Death.' But I was intrigued enough to give the first episode partly as I believed it to be a pastiche of Agatha Christie whodunnits and Midsomer Murders-esque small town crime shows. How wrong I was, as instead of giving us a gentler A Touch of Cloth, writers Stewart Harcourt and M.C. Beaton seem more focused on concentrating on their heroine's love life. From what I could ascertain from this first episode Agatha was a rather ditzy PR woman who people believed had a good ability to solve crimes. However a lot of what happened in this instalment saw Agatha stumbling around in the dark for the majority of the time before realising that the answer was under her nose from the outset. In fact Agatha's main aim throughout the episode seemed to be to snag James Lacey (Jamie Glover), the attached man of her dreams who was posing as her husband as part of an undercover operation to root out the murderer of the head of the local rambling society. I personally feel as if crime shows such as Midsomer Murders are in need of some sort of spoof but Agatha Raisin doesn't even attempt to do that. I found it instead to be a strange mix of crime drama, romantic comedy and full on slapstick humour with none of these elements really being given time to breathe. In fact I would go as far as to say that the funniest sequence in this first episode of Agatha Raisin was the sequence in which Agatha was trapped inside a Wendy House with several other characters. It's a shame that the show is such a dud as I'm a fan of Ashley Jensen but she's ill-served here by a rather annoying character and a poorly written script. The rest of the cast don't fare much better with Matthew Horne being given a one-note character as Agatha's camp assistant from London. In fact it's only Katy Wix as Agatha's formidable cleaning lady Gemma who's able to rise above the awful material and produce something vaguely resembling comedy. Apart from Wix's performance there's very little positives that I can bestow on Agatha Raisin and between this show and Rovers it seems that Sky One has currently gone off the boil when it comes to producing decent comedies.

Matt, The Custard TV, 12th June 2016

Ashley Jensen is back as the sleuth whose life is packed with just-moved-to-the-country-based cliches. Former colleague Roy (Mathew Horne) turns up after being dumped, bringing a naked yogi with him. Agatha joins a rambling group and is soon dragged into a murder investigation after one of their members is found dead on a landowner's estate. And so begins a flimsy but entertaining whodunnit in which Agatha is reunited with her ex, James (Jamie Glover), as they go undercover.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 7th June 2016

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